Follow up from Wednesday: there aren't any gender neutral restrooms at
. I brought my own pronoun button (because they don't provide them), but there's no education for attendees or speakers about basic inclusion of transgender attendees. Cool cool cool. 🙃

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I've seen a lot of exclusive language this week, like gendering people when calling on them for questions ("the woman in red", "the man in front") or referring to question-asker in the answer like "so her question was really great" or "like he asked, xyz".

It might not seem like much to the cis, but when I'm dealing with so many other microaggressions around gender, I'm not going to ask a question of a speaker and open myself up to yet another one. It's so so easy to just... not say those things.

I'm also barely doing any in-person networking at this conference, because people are generally awful at using correct pronouns. Like, not maliciously bad, just average amount of bad (aka awful). So I get gendered incorrectly constantly and don't even try to correct people.

So all in all, I don't end up raising my hand to ask a question of speakers. I don't end up going to in-person networking events, and if I do, I don't make many connections. And like... one of the major purposes of is networking! But not for trans folks, I guess.

Also: on registration it wasn't clear if names needed to be legal names or what. At some conferences, you need to show an ID to get your badge. My name doesn't match my ID. So I just put "Fen" on registration and hoped they didn't check IDs. (They didn't.)

I promise, it's actually really easy to put a smidge of help text on the form that says what you're using names for. It means so so much to those of us for whom "name" isn't actually an easy form field.

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