Flipping through these slides and I'm already so excited for Julien's talk at 1pm!

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I'm speaking at in ~20 minutes at 1pm so come see me! Here are my slides, so at the end of my talk I can say "my slides are up on Twitter" and not be lying:


🐦🔗: twitter.com/_jbfitz/status/113

Even if you don't have a trans coworker right now, you might in the future, so listen up. (And also, you might very well have trans coworkers and not know it!)

I think my head might fall off from nodding along to Julien's talk so much, haha. "Nonbinary doesn't only mean people assigned women at birth who lean a little masculine."

When someone asks you to use pronouns for them and you don't get it, it doesn't matter if you don't understand. Just do it!

Everyone has pronouns, not just trans people. They're not preferred pronouns.

(whoops forgot to tag @_jbfitz@twitter.com into this until now, sorry!)

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Just because Julien has to explain pronouns all the time doesn't mean they're good at it or like doing it.


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@_jbfitz@twitter.com It's super important for pronoun buttons/stickers at events to be easily read from far away! Don't make em tiny!

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Don't make pronouns a thing that only trans people have to worry about and share! Cis people, you need to be sharing yours, too!

@_jbfitz@twitter.com If a question wouldn't be okay to ask a cis employee, don't ask it of a trans employee! Don't ask questions about someone's body or genitals.

You'd think that's obvious but, uh, it's not to a lot of people.

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Don't wait until you have a trans employee to figure out if your insurance covers trans healthcare.

(An aside: there are guides online to help you audit if your healthcare is trans inclusive! Google it!)

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Julien shares that if they're at an event of conference space and they don't know the bathroom situation, they'll sometimes stop drinking or eating for hour so they don't have to worry about it.

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Put a sign near your gendered restrooms directing folks to the gender neutral restrooms if they're not nearby. Don't make people have to out themselves to ask where they are.

@_jbfitz@twitter.com (An aside for trans friends and cis allies: check out the Refuge Restroom app to find and document gender neutral restrooms around the world. refugerestrooms.org/ )

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Tips for cis allies at airports:
- Stay close to the security line
- Be prepared to serve as a witness
- Have your phone ready to record
- Be prepared to ask your coworker if they want you to accompany them if they're taken to another place

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Allowing trans employees to work remote helps us manage dysphoria. (and sometimes physical symptoms of things like binders)

@_jbfitz@twitter.com (Another aside about a relevant resource, a zine I made about how to provide pronoun buttons/stickers at events.

sublimemarch.itch.io/pronouns- )

@_jbfitz@twitter.com If you are hosting an event for women in tech, you don't have an obligation to include other marginalized genders. Think critically about the mission for the group and who you're excluding with your language. Give a serious consideration to including trans men.

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Consider instead describing your event as for "marginalized genders", avoid describing it in opposition to something (like "everyone but cis men"). Feel free to add an asterisk with a longer explanation.

@_jbfitz@twitter.com Other relevant resources of mine for cis folks reading this thread:

A thread about why you shouldn't request legal IDs at events:

How to ask about gender & sex on forms: fenslattery.com/portfolio/how-

Pronouns 101: fenslattery.com/portfolio/pron

A HUGE shout-out to @_jbfitz@twitter.com for delivering a talk that was everything I needed to be reenergized and seen as a trans person right now. Thank you so so much.

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