Hey friends, I'm Fen (they/them)! I'm a nonbinary transgender human in Chicagoland who does digital inclusion and accessibility by day, and writes zines and roleplaying games by night.

Code and talks: fenslattery.com
Games and zines: sublimemarch.itch.io

I post about:

🏳️‍🌈 trans and queer issues
🎲 roleplaying games and larping
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
🧠 mental illness
🤖 weird internet junk

I've got a cool human wife (@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com) who is a really dope roleplaying game author and a very screamy cat named Lama Lo.

If you've learned something from me and want to help me do more good work, throw me a few bucks on ko-fi and share my work!


@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com Some of my most popular work:

Pronouns 101 - an 8-page zine about pronoun basics sublimemarch.itch.io/pronouns-

@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com What's a Vaporwave - a 200-word roleplaying game about explaining vaporwave to your grandpa


@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com Prime Blessings - A 200 word RPG about cleaning out your hoarder relative's home after they die, and discovering all the things they've bought online. Based on a true response from a major online store's PR team.


@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com I Had a Name Once - a zine about my relationship with my name throughout my life and the process of finding a new name as a trans person


@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com Tips for Your First Tech Talk - a guide to giving your first presentation at a technology conference or meetup


@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com A thread about how to run an event that's accessible to people with disabilities with a very small budget: twitter.com/sublimemarch/statu

@AdiraSlattery@twitter.com How to Ask About Gender and Sex - a conference talk about how to ask for gender, sex, pronouns, etc on forms in a way that's inclusive of trans people and safe for everyone: docs.google.com/presentation/d

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