Going through @dequesystems@twitter.com 's prep course for the @IAAPOrg@twitter.com CPACC exam as final prep for my test tomorrow, and I'm delighted by this destination for the mysterious "click here" example of bad link text:


@dequesystems@twitter.com @IAAPOrg@twitter.com Hey @dequesystems@twitter.com , you might reconsider the way you talk about bathrooms and gender in your "Universal Design for the Physical World" section of the IAAP CPACC exam prep course.

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@dequesystems@twitter.com @IAAPOrg@twitter.com This transgender person felt pretty uncomfortable with the way you talk about "wrong" bathrooms and unisex bathrooms. Unisex bathrooms are a great example of universal design that includes trans people!

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@dequesystems@twitter.com @IAAPOrg@twitter.com I definitely understand that your point is about the importance of clear labels and adding Braille to signs! But the ideal solution for multi-user restrooms for a lot of us is not, in fact, just having better labels on bathrooms and keeping them single-sex.

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@dequesystems@twitter.com @IAAPOrg@twitter.com (Also I love your work and this course so so so much, thank you for reading!)

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@dequesystems@twitter.com @IAAPOrg@twitter.com But yeah, restrooms are a great example of the intersecting needs of marginalized groups! One of the questions I always recommend organizers ask of venues when planning events is "Do you have multiple all-gender accessible restrooms?"

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