My very favorite game I've played at : Daily Ritual by . An absolutely beautiful one player game.

Also me:

[Gif of a nonbinary person excitedly smiling and looking up demurely]

[Gif of a nonbinary person stoically saying "this is exciting."]

After three months and literally thousands of dollars of doctors appointments and tests due to other chronic health issues, I'VE GOT HRT, Y'ALL.



I've been getting increasingly frustrated, wondering how I can make a difference, so I decided to reopen my shop. 100% of proceeds for this pin aside from listing/shipping fees will be donated to & (roughly $4.50 to each org per pin)


5 minutes later and on my way to therapy

get u an enby that can do both

I was figuring out a larp costume for this Saturday that involves being around a pool, and I thought I'd feel hella dysphoric in this swimsuit, but it's super cute actually????

It's a Victorian space larp in which I play a nonbinary godking. This session is a Cairo pool party.

Hey friends, I'm Fen (they/them)! I'm a nonbinary transgender human in Chicagoland who does digital inclusion and accessibility by day, and writes zines and roleplaying games by night.

Code and talks:
Games and zines:

Anyways hi new followers from Gen Con, now you know all there is to know about me: I yell about accessibility and I'm really really really trans.

Content warning: pet death.

Our Boker Tov was a veteran of the feral cat wars and aged into a happy grumpy old man. He was a good good boy.


I miss him a bunch already. Boker Tov was an amazing cat and I couldn't have asked for a better friend. But he got old, and he got really sick. I'm happy he is not suffering any longer. He made it through a lot, but sometimes it's time.


This is absolutely beautiful


I created a reverse blackout poetry thing (it writes random poetry first, then some Markov filler text, then the surrounding text gets blacked out). See the results in's "sync" zine:


Check out my new profile icon from the ever-awesome !

After leaving Detroit early due to Nazis, a scary cardiology appointment, getting a heart rate monitor stuck on me for a week, and some stressful direct transphobia, I deserve a goddamn medal for making it through this week. So I'm taking tomorrow off.

Trans pride and LGBTQ+ pride flag stickers of our logo by the awesome 🏳️‍🌈

Commission my awesome friend Jess!


🏳️‍🌈Pride month icon sale! Send me an email with a reference photo of you and a reference for your desired pride flag! Get $5 off with receipt from a donation to a LGBTQ charity!💖💛💙


A HUGE shout-out to for delivering a talk that was everything I needed to be reenergized and seen as a trans person right now. Thank you so so much. Brandy, this talk was amazing. I've got some books to read on the train back home, a bunch of recommendations to take back to our inclusion group at work, and a diary to start.

Sharing this again. Signs that say "we don't care" are just exhausting and upsetting and don't make me feel safe.


Hi, I'm non-binary and I made this because maybe you don't know what your hip gender-neutral bathroom signs seem like they're saying?

(this is my proposed solution:)


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