Y'all has been amazing and we sold out of a lot of our stuff! Check out digital versions of our work at hivemind.press !

Visit us tomorrow at table J20 allllll the way in the back corner! Seeya at from 11am-6pm!

okay i lied, i put them all up on my blog right now. have a good night everyone. we're stronger together.


anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk, i'll upload the rest on my blog tomorrow maybe

hello thank you for observing Art about being on the internet today

Thank you so much! That gif is absolutely how I was feeling haha

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.@sublimemarch@twitter.com Thank you for another great talk about @paymentsfn@twitter.com You were also extremely gracious about technical snafus!!

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Happy to all my trans siblings, especially fellow nonbinary folks. Sometimes it's really hard to have to be "visibly" trans if you want to be seen as the correct gender. It's also really fun sometimes, too.

"Trans people deserve rights and respect whether you 'get us' or not."

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Happy !!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ¦‹
We’re going to have a lot of fun today being visible

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I've got a new 200 word out! It's called "Prime Blessings" and it's about cleaning out a hoarder relative's house that's filled with online purchases from a certain major online store. It's free to download, take a look!


HI FRIENDS do you like
1. zines
2. pirates
3. movies based on theme park rides
4. existential questions


please observe this good good zine made by me and @carlymho@twitter.com and several other humans!


Walked into the office today to see a copy of @grease_bat@twitter.com 's guide to they/them pronouns on the table in the entrance. I feel so loved and seen. πŸ’•

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