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I've seen a lot of exclusive language this week, like gendering people when calling on them for questions ("the woman in red", "the man in front") or referring to question-asker in the answer like "so her question was really great" or "like he asked, xyz".

Follow up from Wednesday: there aren't any gender neutral restrooms at
. I brought my own pronoun button (because they don't provide them), but there's no education for attendees or speakers about basic inclusion of transgender attendees. Cool cool cool. 🙃

If you organize any type of meetup or conference that uses badges, please consider this when making a purchasing decision for badge holders! It's driving some of us nuts.


The jingling of badges is becoming a barrier for me with the constant distracting sounds coming from all over the room. I will be asking people to take them off in my talk and I wish others would too.


Okay but "Blaze Switch" is a pretty good name


your cyberpunk name is the last business you patronized and your favorite game console. im costco playstation


People I follow: 8% nonbinary, 40% men, 52% women
Followers: 7% nonbinary, 48% men, 45% women.

Hello charming enby friends, those are some pretty good stats. ✨


tomorrow is International Women's Day and I have a challenge for you! run this estimating tool to see the number of women, men, and nonbinary people you follow on Twitter. if the percentage of women/nonbinary is low - follow a few new people


Design WITH people with disabilities, not FOR people with disabilities. -

Poor designs coded perfectly still exclude people. -

An awesome resource I'll be bringing back to work from by and John Northup. A bunch of tests of CSS tricks with common browser/screen reader combos. Unsurprisingly, a bunch of funky things devs do don't work correctly.

Does anyone know if there are gender-neutral restrooms at ? I haven't been able to find any yet, and some of us need them. 🏳️‍🌈

I realized I sat in a spot at this talk where I can't see like half of the screen. If this were any other conference, I wouldn't be able to follow anything. No prob at , though, because the speaker is describing their slides as they go!

Hey friends, my amazing friend, , a badass queer enby developer and award-winning illustrator needs some help right now. Depression and PTSD fucking suck, especially in the American medical system. Please, donate and share their Gofundme.

Happy International Women's Day Eve! Always ask before featuring someone in a list of "women you should follow"! They open people to harassment and also lots of us who aren't women erroneously get put on them!

Really interesting results for @webaim 's survey of on the million most popular web sites. My personal fav takeaway is that pages with ARIA tags are _more_ likely to have accessibility issues!

7 great ways to make your tweets more accessible, including using emoji carefully, enabling alt text, and checking your profile page's contrast.

Happy ! Just a reminder to always ask for consent if you want to put people on lists or in threads of women to follow on Twitter! For one, those lists open folks up to attention and harassment. Two, some of us who aren't women get put on those lists!

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