Show more Just because Julien has to explain pronouns all the time doesn't mean they're good at it or like doing it.


(whoops forgot to tag into this until now, sorry!)

Everyone has pronouns, not just trans people. They're not preferred pronouns.

When someone asks you to use pronouns for them and you don't get it, it doesn't matter if you don't understand. Just do it!

I think my head might fall off from nodding along to Julien's talk so much, haha. "Nonbinary doesn't only mean people assigned women at birth who lean a little masculine."

Even if you don't have a trans coworker right now, you might in the future, so listen up. (And also, you might very well have trans coworkers and not know it!)

Flipping through these slides and I'm already so excited for Julien's talk at 1pm!


I'm speaking at in ~20 minutes at 1pm so come see me! Here are my slides, so at the end of my talk I can say "my slides are up on Twitter" and not be lying:


Oh hey P.S. I've given myself permission to be an exhausted trans person this weekend and just like, stay in and watch TV and eat pizza after conference events if I want to. Last night I made a zine and sat in the tub for a while. I think I'm gonna be okay.

(whoops, another talk that I got so immersed in that I forgot to livetweet. Awesome job, Coraline, haha)

Last, true empathy. Valuing our own emotions and those of others. It's not exhausting, it's an even exchange. Everyone's needs are met, and everyone wins.

Next, codependence. Putting the needs of others over your own. Example in tech: Uber. They plan on never being profitable and have abysmal working conditions for their drivers. Next, narcissism. Putting our own emotions and self over empathy for other people. See also: twitter caring more about monetization than getting Nazis off their platform. The practice of empathy is a spectrum, recognizing our relationship with ourselves and with others.

First up, apathy. Apathy is not caring about the experience of others. Often, it's saving our empathy for people in our in-group. The practice of empathy is a spectrum, recognizing our relationship with ourselves and with others. Apathy about the experience of others isn't not having empathy, it's saving our empathy for people in our in-group. Often, we don't celebrate emotional intelligence in tech, and instead value technical problem solving skills. Emotional intelligence is something we can measure, develop, and improve through practice!

Alrighty phew. is amazing and emotionally exhausting, and it's time for Programming Empathy: Emotions as State Machines with ! Brandy, this talk was amazing. I've got some books to read on the train back home, a bunch of recommendations to take back to our inclusion group at work, and a diary to start. Start where you are with what you have. One person constantly negating your org's inclusive culture hurts everyone. Don't accept "well they're a great developer, they're so smart!" as an excuse. There's a room full of great developers that are so smart being hurt by them. - request a D&I policy. ask that it has language of expected behaviors and consequences.
- if there are any team members that are outwardly hostile to Black folks - demand they be fired.

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