Show more A thread about how to run an event that's accessible to people with disabilities with a very small budget: Tips for Your First Tech Talk - a guide to giving your first presentation at a technology conference or meetup I Had a Name Once - a zine about my relationship with my name throughout my life and the process of finding a new name as a trans person Prime Blessings - A 200 word RPG about cleaning out your hoarder relative's home after they die, and discovering all the things they've bought online. Based on a true response from a major online store's PR team. What's a Vaporwave - a 200-word roleplaying game about explaining vaporwave to your grandpa Some of my most popular work:

Pronouns 101 - an 8-page zine about pronoun basics

I've got a cool human wife ( who is a really dope roleplaying game author and a very screamy cat named Lama Lo.

If you've learned something from me and want to help me do more good work, throw me a few bucks on ko-fi and share my work!

I post about:

🏳️‍🌈 trans and queer issues
🎲 roleplaying games and larping
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
🧠 mental illness
🤖 weird internet junk

Hey friends, I'm Fen (they/them)! I'm a nonbinary transgender human in Chicagoland who does digital inclusion and accessibility by day, and writes zines and roleplaying games by night.

Code and talks:
Games and zines:

HELLO FRIENDS, today and I wrote a gay cowboy hack of Lasers and Feelings by , it's up for free on itch, check it out!

Big shoutout to for editing and giving suggestions!

Friendship is writing most of a one-page RPG over lunch with , and then having a random guy at the Taco Bell come up and ask what game we're playing because it sounds great, and then we say that it's a game we're writing and give him a link to see it later today.

i'm scREAMING. This thread of worst accessibility nightmares in just seven words is so good.

RT Fixed, gave that div an alt tag.


Man, someday I'm going to be the person to accidentally start Twitter discourse, and I just hope it's over some bullshit like "can you call it a larp if it's not live-action" and not "should every accessibility professional know what the phrase 'bypass block' means."

Also pro tip: if you're handed a complicated, time-consuming task and asked to estimate it, and you say it'll take you 10 minutes, it'll be pretty clear to me that you don't actually know what you're doing.

When I have to explain what "bypass block" or "focus state" or "usable via keyboard" mean, then maybe you are not, in fact, super well versed in accessibility as a front end dev.

(No this isn't anyone I work with in Chicago, don't worry.)

Hey devs, when an accessibility expert asks you how comfortable you are with a11y front end fixes, and you say you're very comfortable, and then I give you stuff to fix, it's going to be super obvious to me if you don't actually know what you're doing at all.

Anyways hi new followers from Gen Con, now you know all there is to know about me: I yell about accessibility and I'm really really really trans.

- costume for my Space 1889 larp this weekend, where my Martian enby businessman is getting crowned as the spouse of an enby god king
- more deets for my shiny new Masks character, a floating nervous system who used to be a girl and has transcended their mortal form

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