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Twitter mobile isn't letting me compose image descriptions for some reason. It's me in a black and white pinup style swimsuit, long pink curly wig, and a black sci-fi crown.

I was figuring out a larp costume for this Saturday that involves being around a pool, and I thought I'd feel hella dysphoric in this swimsuit, but it's super cute actually????

It's a Victorian space larp in which I play a nonbinary godking. This session is a Cairo pool party.

Really interesting and inspiring thread about writing games about activism. Also this introduced me to, which is my favorite thing I've read so far today.


I and tried to gently poke at some of these questions with, which for me was just the start of thinking through these questions, trying to change what an activist game might look like. I'd love to see others' challenges.


Hey friends who follow me for something other than my accessibility work, please read this and join us in boycotting


Back to again.

Before long, we’ll be referring to this lawsuit as how something that could’ve been fixed for a mere $38k of site remediation ended up costing millions of dollars in legal fees, penalties, lost revenue and brand damage.


I can't say this enough: fuck Domino's.


Their arguments:

• A growing number of lawsuits against sites for being inaccessible will turn into a "tsunami"
• They'll have to "figure out" how to make images and video accessible
• Businesses will just stop having websites
• Accessibility standards are a moving target


A really rad list of accessibility and disability justice resources, check it out!


ok, I put my resource guide up

🐦🔗: How to Ask About Gender and Sex - a conference talk about how to ask for gender, sex, pronouns, etc on forms in a way that's inclusive of trans people and safe for everyone: A thread about how to run an event that's accessible to people with disabilities with a very small budget: Tips for Your First Tech Talk - a guide to giving your first presentation at a technology conference or meetup I Had a Name Once - a zine about my relationship with my name throughout my life and the process of finding a new name as a trans person Prime Blessings - A 200 word RPG about cleaning out your hoarder relative's home after they die, and discovering all the things they've bought online. Based on a true response from a major online store's PR team. What's a Vaporwave - a 200-word roleplaying game about explaining vaporwave to your grandpa Some of my most popular work:

Pronouns 101 - an 8-page zine about pronoun basics

I've got a cool human wife ( who is a really dope roleplaying game author and a very screamy cat named Lama Lo.

If you've learned something from me and want to help me do more good work, throw me a few bucks on ko-fi and share my work!

I post about:

🏳️‍🌈 trans and queer issues
🎲 roleplaying games and larping
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
🧠 mental illness
🤖 weird internet junk

Hey friends, I'm Fen (they/them)! I'm a nonbinary transgender human in Chicagoland who does digital inclusion and accessibility by day, and writes zines and roleplaying games by night.

Code and talks:
Games and zines:

HELLO FRIENDS, today and I wrote a gay cowboy hack of Lasers and Feelings by , it's up for free on itch, check it out!

Big shoutout to for editing and giving suggestions!

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