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Ho boy new people!!! I'll refresh my

Im a fanatic with an ironic aversion to cooking. Interested in all the , and trying to learn how to myself.

I've spent most of my life interested in , currently working as a protein scientist trying to make cool stuff for people to eat.

Audiobooks are my drug, and I'm always on the look out for something new. I like and , young adult or otherwise.

Shoot me a toot if you want!

Life would be so much better if one night a week we got a 24 hour night instead of a 12 hour one

I mostly paint monsters with oils. Here’s the most recent one I finished, called “Queen of What?”

I love that picric acid has "OH NO" built into its molecular structure. An apt thing to say when encountering picric acid.

Today's practice "Face". Pencil and plain paper. eyelids, nostrils, and lips are generating important small shadows around them, i realized.

Hello, I'm Altruest. I like beautiful things, and I think we live in a beautiful world. Friends are Good, as is art, food, dogs, and the moon. I like to be sad (but only sometimes), and I love being excited about things I know nothing about. I believe we can all get along, and I know that injecting a little bit of empathy into your life gets us closer to that goal.

I think you're beautiful, and valid, and welcome. Peace and love. ✌🏾

Today’s progress. Still just the watercolors, haven’t made it to another medium quite yet!

things i've come to understand as i proceed through my late twenties:

-why adults were always so mad about having to bend over or get down on the floor

-why adults didn't eat the big frosting flowers

-why anyone would go to bed at 10 PM

Thought I could share another painting with you wonderful people ❤️

This is one of my characters I am currently working on for my portfolio.

Gig hunt, give me your moneez 

So while a lot of my time goes to building my project, I still have about 20 to 25 hours available during the week for small to medium sized projects.

I'm a designer and a web developer, so I generally like to build projects from end to end. I'm a pretty capable system admin as well, so if you need hosting, I got you covered.

Check out my wares here: If you have any questions about me personally, feel free to DM.

Anyone got any interesting accounts worth following? My main interests are , , . Physical sciences.

I'm not so big on astrophysics and theoretical physics -- even the stuff intended for the lay public confuses me.

Ink #007, citrus 🍊— won’t be released till September but felt like drawing w inks

Being at a 4 day con reminds me why I’m climbing mt Whitney

(to die on a rock by myself with no obligation to talk to anyone, and have my bones eaten by marmots)

Supes wet! Gotta leave it to dry for a bit before continuing!

#comics #mastoart

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