Any scholarly tooters have opinions about zotero as a reference manager?

I LOATHE the user experience of endnote, and I just realized that mendeley (which I've been using for years) is run by Elsevier. This makes me sad, and I would like to start using something else.

@subunitA Zotero is ... ok. I prefer it to Endnote. I have this like old-school loyalty to Mendeley from before they were bought out though...

@platypus I went to sign in on mendeley desktop on my work computer, and I was greeted with a big fat Elsevier logo, and I was so sad.

When did they get bought?? I been sleep apparently.

@subunitA maybe two years ago? Maybe not quite that long. Within the last two I think. 😔

@subunitA My goodness do I love Zotero

It has a Firefox plugin for auto-downloading PDF's to your library

You can import dozens of PDF's at a time and it will know what they are

It will auto-format your bibliography in LibreOffice, or export to a BibTeX file, or even a CSV (or a bunch of other stuff)

Also, the name is much more searchable than "Endnote"

@bgcarlisle is there a similar plug-in for chrome? or at least a 'watch folder' option like in mendeley?

@subunitA Yeah pretty sure there's the same thing for Chrome

Not sure what watch folder does, though

@bgcarlisle you can tell mendeley to watch a folder on your desktop, and any pdfs you download into the folder will be automatically imported if the folder is being watched

@subunitA I've used Zotero. It's pretty okay. Mostly don't use it these days only because I don't have papers I need to cite anything in at the moment.

The last time was round the introduction of MLA 8e, when they finally decided to harmonize everything so there's as few media-specific things as possible (in most cases just indicating the type of media).

@subunitA I like the flexibility in organizing by collections, tags and colors. Also the options for attacking files, links and notes to citations is nice. The overall theme is flexibility. #zotero

@subunitA I really like Zotero when it works. Its auto-citation function can be hit and miss, depending on which library catalog you're using and that sort of thing. However, manually-entered citations work beautifully and that it can change your works cited depending on what you've cited in-text is great.

So I recommend it, just keep in mind it's not always going to be smooth flying. The turbulence in manageable, but it's there.

@subunitA i've never used a different ref manager so i don't have a good comparison point, but i'm pretty into zotero; it's really great for slurping up articles/misc internet pages (i run a firefox plugin and just push a button to save a page for reference, and it also grabs a snapshot). also nice for attaching/linking files. metadata extraction from PDFs is sort of hit or miss, as is bib exporting; it does require some massaging to get things into a shape that works for you.

@subunitA I see others have already recommended it, so I'll keep things short:

a couple of months, I wrote a research review and only had to spend five minutes on the bibliography. it is, to use technical jargon, kinda neat

@subunitA It's my preferred reference manager. Used it for an entire textbook's worth of references. The interface is clunky but it is reliable. Tried Bookends (Mac) and ... it just doesn't come through for me sometimes. I've given it up.

@subunitA : I'm exactly in your situation. Please share your experience.

@subunitA I installed Zotero in Windows as a Word extension. Unusable. My machine is a bit old but not that old. When I uninstalled, it did not uninstall cleanly so I still have Zotero in my menu bar.

@subunitA it's notre trivial to change to zotero, but it's possible. Very interesting, share bib in a group, with the hosted solution.
Links are relative, it's Very easy to change the location offre documents.

I found it a bit clunky when I tried it out, and the Word plugin seemed laggy. That was awhile ago though...

@subunitA Paperpile has the best user experience I've found, but unfortunately it's not free. :-/

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