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@sudoLife That's a shame – but sometimes you have to just keep fighting. Point out recent developments, like this German state that's planning to move to LibreOffice over the next five years:

It is such a pain to be preparing for an exam on the subject you hate and will never ever ever ever ever use after that

Not only universities, but also all around the world must have thorough, written out curriculum. Many students are studying on their own, but different online resources look at topics from different angles.

It is therefore mandatory that students have access to a to-do list of all the subtopics they must cover.


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@sudoLife Hi! Show them that many governmental organisations that have moved to LibreOffice: – And the fact that LibreOffice has extensive professional support options: – And also show them the infographic attached to this post.


Our government's national examination system wouldn't let us use LibreOffice over MS Word. The only alternative available is OpenOffice. How, in your opinion, I should approach this problem and challenge them?

Awesome work with the software, keep it up!

Yea nah yea, whom am I kidding. All of them rejected me. Right then, MIT open courseware will help me to get educated.

Ah, I've finally gotten back to my consistent sleep regime after the application process.

One university has already rejected me. I suspect that is due to my financial situation, because my grades are pretty neat (ranked 1st in my class with only two 9 for my first semester this year).

I guess I'll have to do my own studying. Books are cheaper than tuition, after all.

Just like the simulations, haha.

Another valuable lesson: never be overconfident and never neglect preparation for important things

It doesn't even feel good to drink tea when it's merely a means of survival

Another one bites the dust! has been successfully sat.

I have posted a sad message saying I had missed SAT Registration deadline and something about learning an important lesson. Well, here's a next one: don't give up after you've failed. I had signed up for the Waitlist and was lucky to take the SAT today!

On the other hand, a girl also taking the test stand-by wasn't that lucky; we both stared at the only book left, and my surname came up higher on the list. I hope she'll do well later!

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finances (-), plea for help 

Well, it had to be my turn this time, sorry 😔

A sudden negative event (which for privacy reasons I can't share here) is threatening my finances and I need to pay off my credit card before things go critical.

Currently I owe 600 usd, which might not seem as much, but I have another much larger debt and payments are becoming more dificult.

If you have the means and will, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

Boosts OK. 🔁 ✅

(edit: fixed link 😅 )

IELTS bites the dust! I've just signed up for the Waitlist for October's SAT and gone through all necessary steps to register for SAT subject!

Back to cramming...

36 pages of a textbook, 35 pages of handwritten texts, done over a 5-day period, and I am feeling a bit more confident showing up on the tmr... Cramming is a thing...
I should also fit a smart explanation about Parkinson's law , but I am too tired.

Goodnight, America, some day I will land on your land!

So I have Cambridge Dictionary open in my browser, and I am writing on a whiteboard hanging above my computer.
Having dived deep in my thoughts, I accidentally drop the marker, and it falls on the Space key.
My speakers then yell "So?" at me.

Every time a write an Writing Task 1, it feels as though I produce way too a text. Having completed the essay, however, I usually find out that I have just crossed the threshold of 150 words.

Seems like IELTS and me are of similar opinion regarding how long essays should be!

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I have one way to cope with before upcoming exams: I hard. It may feel difficult to keep working throughout the day, but in the end it's what significantly reduces my stress level.

I don't understand people who resort to relaxing activities to calm down. While it may help for a while, your mind will invite an insane heartbeat when you get reminded of what's coming.

On the contrast, my way never fails me. I either feel satisfied or too exhausted to feel, haha.

How do you cope?

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