Detecting it is a pain too $('form').on("submit", function(event) {
if( $(':focus').is('[formaction]') ) { ... }

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so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

Hey folks, have you ever wondered what turning off hyperthreading (SMT) on a Ryzen 2700x does?

The answer seems to be "Not enough"

Is it just me or is (and maybe the web ui in general) really missing manual refresh buttons (Home, notifications)

...It may just be pinned tabs in Firefox don't reload properly on browser restart, but with URL shenanigans you never know quite how the page is going to reload

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What if the response to tumblr being banned from the app store was tumblr making its mobile web version usable instead of being shit and literally insulting you for trying to like a post

Figure skater Symmetra skin: good

Not showing if Figure Skater Symmetra actually is wearing ice skates in preview: 😓

I see MST3K's newest season covers Atlantic Rim

No it's not porn

Note to self: Watch and see if they happened to come up with anything like your old attempt at liveblogging

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Here's some on code you'll never need

require 'win32ole'"Microsoft.Update.Session").CreateUpdateSearcher().Search("IsInstalled=0").Updates.Count

Congrats you have a pending windows update count without using powershell - for your headless install maybe??? gave me the function names, it's MIT license, all good.

If you get offered 50 RUB or 50 USD, take the latter (thanks paypal)

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xubuntu, if anyone cares. Of all things, limited window snapping (no corners, just sides) threw me off gnome

Lutris + Overwatch = almost workable on 21:9, so long as I don't try and chat and lock myself out of the game. Elite Dangerous hasn't launched. But other games work.

Conky on right ... "nvidia-smi --query-gpu=name,driver_version--format=csv,noheader,nounits" and such a lot better than nvidia-settings

Ok, two @ signs in follow procedure is throwing me in a tizzy as a programmer, but I'll live


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