Twitter is today debating the usefulness of gender studies. Such imbeciles are produced in society who lack knowledge related to human socialisation and human rights when they have never studied social sciences.

I once read a story about crabs. If put in a deep container, instead of climbing up they'd pull each other down. This is response of India's whataboutery population after hearing about JNU. Instead of talking about more universities affordable, they want to make JNU unaffordable. They are angry about how could they get a degree for thousands when our children spent lakhs. Not angry with the system that they had to spend lakhs when they could've got it for thousands. Typical crab behavior.

Is anyone here? How does this work....

People of , please keep giving shout outs to people who are joining Mastodon!

Our power is in the networks we will form here organically. Before the trolls arrive and do their inorganic trolly BS, we will have a tightly knit group of people who will be prepared to deal with the incoming hate.

Birth anniversary
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad :
"If an angel were to descend from the clouds today, settle on the Qutub Minar of Delhi and proclaim from there that India will attain Swaraj provided Hindu-Muslim Unity is renounced, then I would renounce Swaraj and not sacrifice Hindu-Muslim Unity, because if Swaraj is delayed, it is the loss to India, but if Hindu-Muslim Unity is lost, it is the loss to humanity."

In memoriam

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Sex positivity is as much about the right to celibacy, asexuality, monogamy, self-pleasure as much as it is about the right to lots of sex. You do you and if you do others, always with consent.

A conoissuer is not the same as a glutton.

Seems quite a few here. Would love to connect with people working on issues.


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