Just kicked off the Security Field Day session with @CiscoSecure@twitter.com talking about Tetration check out the stream techfieldday.com/event/xfd4/

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Getting ready to kick off Security Field Day 4 and channeling my @RoseSecOps@twitter.com with a cup of tea to keep me warm

Thanks spam with malware attached for using the ARJ extension. I have not thought of that compression in years.

What a weird choice of extensions to use to hide your zip compressed malware with.

Hope everyone is staying safe out in these crazy times, I wanted to share that this Wednesday at 6 pm ET I’m presenting at the Maine ISC(2) virtual meeting giving an Intro to Malware Triage.

Hope to see you there.


Don’t forget to follow all the other great delegates @pjnef@twitter.com @beckylelliott@twitter.com @ChrisGrundemann@twitter.com @cxi@twitter.com @NetworkAutobahn@twitter.com @PacketJay@twitter.com @JPWarren@twitter.com @Rob_Coote@twitter.com @RealTonyBradley@twitter.com @RoseSecOps@twitter.com @Drew_CM@twitter.com and send questions to @NetworkingNerd@twitter.com

Getting ready for Security Field Day 3 day 2!
I’m looking forward to hearing from @JuniperNetworks@twitter.com at 11 ET about their security portfolio. Then at 2pm ET @TemperedNW@twitter.com will talk about Airwall and their secure connectivity solution tune in at techfieldday.com

It is every exciting to hear @shehackspurple@twitter.com talk at @dcg207@twitter.com about enabling teams to write more secure software.

Thanks for the great presentations today @VMwareSecurity@twitter.com and @goPathSolutions@twitter.com

Looking forward to seeing @juniper@twitter.com and @temperednw@twitter.com tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of Security Field Day 3 starting at 8am PT come check out @vmwarensx@twitter.com and @goPathSolutions@twitter.com talk about their technology and solutions with a great group of delegates including me. More information is at

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