Check out my friend Joey’s album they make rad music! omg best album ever:

PSA If you are running to a problem where a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi running a recent Ubuntu/Debian version will not apt update or you can not get a shell on it. Upgrade your Docker version to something post v19.

This is a pretty good map of the IAB landscape

Curated Intelligence: Initial Access Broker Landscape

… Also my panelists

…and Security Field Day 6 is done! Thanks to the presenters and …

T-10 mins until we kick off the 3rd and final day of Security Field Day 6 with you can watch at:

Starting off the afternoon with

We are just about to kick off day 2 of Security Field Day 6 with watch live at

"When aligning to a framework, A Don't stay with in the framework" -

This is one of the best insights so far by (pun intended)

Security Field Day 6 starts now with a round table discussing DNS Security and NetSecOps with! Watch the live stream at

If you want to be part of the conversation please tag your tweets with we will share questions.

I am excited to be a delegate for Security Field Day 6 starting tomorrow we will be hearing from , and You can watch tomorrow at

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