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@wion @nex3 Back in the day, I did some work (as did others) on building "reading lists" structured as OPML (supplemental XML format for RSS feeds). I had a platform that would let you subscribe to a person and optionally, if you trust that person, subscribe to their reading list and even a step deeper and opt to subscribe to all reading lists from those within that person's reading list. It was distributed/federated system (just about 8 years ago ;)

@Gargron @nex3 "no way to check" - I wouldn't be so hasty in dismissing this.Trusted service providers could verify container images used etc. Or the instance config could be broadcast through a protocol and federated tests could be conceptualized. Possibly add in distributed ledger tech as well.

posting audio (as video) to our mastodon instance 😁

@Gargron Nice, thanks for putting in the hours on this oembed feature. Will be worth it. 👏

Anyone use Haxial KDX back in the early 2000s? Mastodon reminds me of KDX a lot now that I think about it. Related to Hotline. I lived in KDX.

@Elmit I actually mean the initial modal popup window that you see with 4 or 5 slides when you first join an instance.

@maloki thanks for the help maloki!

digging into mastodon code... I want to add a button to a modal with an iframe in it so I can have my own easy to edit content for admin announcements etc for users of my instance.

@maloki seems like it's a one shot deal. I just wanted to be reminded what new users see ;-)

Is there a way to open the getting started modal pages again?

testing oauth in a demo app and cannot get callback to work with a redirect_uri. "The redirect uri included is not valid." ugh.

@Gargron @anildash @migurski Yeah good point as far as design decision goes. I can support that reason more than copyright concern one. Is oembed supported already?

@Gargron @anildash @migurski idk, maybe if this was all a centralized system then sure, that would be very risky. but if I am running an instance of my own, that risk decision is my own. maybe I just want to share user-gen voice recordings, or public domain lectures etc. with the variety of communities setting up instances, these sorts of restrictions start to become less logical imo. i know, it's open source so edit the code then ;-)

@Gargron @anildash @migurski The concern is legit but the same applies to videos (with copyrighted music) so what is the difference really? Also, this should be a setting for an instance admin imo (allowed file formats). So it seems like an odd decision considering it is a decision made for all instances, not just yours?