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What I like about #mastodon

1. Chronological timelines
2. No periodic auto-refresh of timeline
3. 500 char limit
4. Delete-n-reDraft
5. Quality over Quantity
6. I was not viral on Twitter anyways

cc @stux @Gargron @noorul

@stux not on your instance(yet!) but appreciate your one-man army keeping things up and running. Happy to help if you need any extra hands on deck for server admin stuff 🌝

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People of , please keep giving shout outs to people who are joining Mastodon!

Our power is in the networks we will form here organically. Before the trolls arrive and do their inorganic trolly BS, we will have a tightly knit group of people who will be prepared to deal with the incoming hate.

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People, so @sanjayuvacha is here on mastodon. Welcome. It is his suspension that led many of us here.

Finally joined Mastodon thanks to a flood of movement from people I follow on Twitter here. Here's hoping Adv Sanjay Hegde's Twitter account suspension turns into something positive (and he joins here!).

@jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia and others who are here, thank you for leading the way!

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Joined Mastodon after a bunch of people I follow on Twitter started posting here. Let's see how this goes :blobaww:

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Welcome to our new members from India! Be sure to post an #introduction and possibly use the hashtag #india so you can find each other!


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