Joined Mastodon after a bunch of people I follow on Twitter started posting here. Let's see how this goes :blobaww:


Finally joined Mastodon thanks to a flood of movement from people I follow on Twitter here. Here's hoping Adv Sanjay Hegde's Twitter account suspension turns into something positive (and he joins here!).

@jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia and others who are here, thank you for leading the way!

@sumesh @jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia @sanjayuvacha @digitaldutta
I'm not sure how mastodon verifies the accounts but I confirmed with someone reliable on Twitter

@sumesh @jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia @sanjayuvacha @digitaldutta but i do agree it is easy to impersonate here. Would be helpful if people can put up their mastodon handles on bio or somewhere. But that wouldn't be sustainable since they may get suspended by

@sumesh @deepchan @jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia @sanjayuvacha it's him, the only way to verify yourself is by verifying your website on about page using meta tags

@sumesh @jamewils @Saikatd @gautambhatia I am not from India and have ni idea who Sanjay is, but Twitter seems to have a double standard considering they allow the US President to post whatever he wants.

@Limax @sumesh @jamewils @gautambhatia Well, we are also protesting against Twitter and its censorship. So, welcome to mastodon

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