Does this cartoon mention anything about ?
No, but it says about the North East.
Still it cell is trying to prove that everything is not ' normal' in .

While is trending is burning see this SS .
It says a cadre poured hot oil on protest rally against .
So now or never believe this .

it's now your turn to prove that is a secular country. The left at the time of Partition as it was a Muslim Country now it's your turn to reclaim .
It's not it's which is burning.

I urge the PM to examine the priorities of his government and set a new agenda. At the top of this has to be the economy. We are already in an economic crisis that could become an emergency.
Everyone will realise this .

Pl understand: CAA is inextricably linked to national NRC. Before CAA, both Ram & Rahim would have to prove their citizenship based on documents hard to get for anyone. After CAA, even if Ram has no documents he will get citizenship, but Rahim will not. Injustice due to Religion

I identify with all of the people of this land. I love the Bangladeshi immigrant. I make no distinction as to what faith they were born into and whether or not they have a visa. I reject the term illegal immigrant because no human is illegal

Message from whose son died in a Riot in gave a tremendous message regarding protests against & in .
He urged to keep calm & to protest .
we will win

Preparation for a genocide under way in India: Dr. Gregory Stanton
Internationally acclaimed expert raises concerns about possible mass extermination of Muslims while briefing US Congress on situation in Kashmir and Assam.

in Kolkata today protested against the & .
A friend came with handwritten Preamble of our & stuck stickers on it such that it can be removed by rubbing & reclaim the .

These ‘FASTag’ lanes penalise anybody who enters one and wants to use cash – they will be charged twice the toll amount.

He will soon have to cancel travels all over India. He can follow footsteps of PM and start touring the globe. He is not welcomed in many Indian States

This is the debate that should be clinched, whether the state should collect for , if once this is done we will enter the process.
Thread that should be read by & note that it doesn't start from 2020
States should decide t…

The growth of consumer goods production has virtually ground to a halt; production of investment goods is falling. Indicators of exports, imports, and government revenues are all close to negative territory.
This is

Some state governments have declared that they will not abide by the changes in the citizenship law. While this might not have much legal significance, such declarations signify another flashpoint.

This SS from says that no one will be spared every citizen will have to apply for their citizenship under the new , no old " identity cards" that were used earlier would be granted.
So this is 4 disenfranchisement of all not 4

Kashmir_________________Day 128
Assam__________________Day 3
Meghalaya______________Day 3
Tripura__________________Day 3

Where next?

Raise your voice now or be silent forever.

অন্ধকার সময়ের কবিতা
ক‍্যাব বা এনআরসি যা প্রতিটি নাগরিককে বেনাগরিক করে দিতে পারে তার বিরুদ্ধে কলম ধরলেন শঙ্খ ঘোষ।

Yet another blatant and mischievous lie uttered by the Modi government on the floor of Parliament. Twisted half-truths, plain lies and jumbo jumlas make up the typical Sangh-BJP narrative on every subject.

All this Rahul Gandhi stuff from the BJP is just a distraction tactic from a collapsing economy and catastrophic rage in parts of the populace.
Why are you falling for it?

A chilling story narrated by Rajdeep Sardesai on Amit Shah's Politics Which Has Always Thrived on Hindu-Muslim Divisions.

Don’t miss it.

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