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moving to a drama-agnostic hermit instance!

follow me at !!
please !!!!!

moving to a drama-agnostic hermit instance!

follow me at !!
please !!!!!

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Boost to shave
Fave to keep
First to hit 3 i do, tonight

you can have whatever opinion or pick whatever side and we can judge you at a later date
but don't fucking pick on eugen he's a 20something kid doing a grueling fulltime+ development job for people who yell at him for not answering 100 @'s

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I use hair ties more for tying up cables than for tying up hair

the levels of inability are like
- too ______ to concentrate
- too ______ to talk
- too ______ to even breathe
and then me right now,
- too fucking mad rn to even win w junkrat in deathmatch

it doesn't even mean anything to tell people you're disappointed in them, because instead of taking it to heart, people instantly recategorize you as the enemy

"hey wow we can be nice on this site" lasted what a week? for some people

birdsite garbage 

account still there.
all the same racist & transphobic tweets still up.

where on the human body is the "hamchamber" please asking for a friend

the fact that "young ones" whistling is just the oriental riff was a huge weight on me for so long

recently i googled it and other people have noticed it too

i am saved

mastodon is really sloppy about parsing URLs?

was "where is my mind" overused as hell before fight club? and
deserve non-novelty, many-user mastodon instances, but i don't have the energy or money and don't trust anyone else to stick to it

i just made your mastodon experience 100% better you're welcome

i feel weird when otherwise nice/progressive people find it ok to snark on strangers' looks

i feel icky when people mock the appearance of awful people, because i'm sure there's similar looking nice people

i swear i found an article that said scientists popped some 6000 year old popcorn kernels and i wish i could find the article (or eat the corn)

but also i know this happened in a novel i read long ago, and my relationship with reality is shaky so

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