@sundilu, you've apparently had more than your fair share of life going on... :)

I thought it was very good. And even though the event is over, I'd hope that kind of dialogue would continue. @lauraritchie

@ShorterPearson :) I'm enjoying going back through Certainly very different than getting caught up on a live twitter chat.

@sundilu @ShorterPearson @lauraritchie I've been thinking a little about a monthly . What I really liked about it was the slow gravitation to a theme. That seemed to me to be important.

So I like that we have persistent collecting points like but I also really like the gentle event nature of and I think it can help in these times.

It's a pop-up festival of small thoughts.

@katebowles "GENTLE EVENT." Oh, Kate, I LOVE that formulation. SO MUCH. Maybe we've spoken that way before, but that really hits me here and now.

And I agree. I do think that way of thinking of the structure can be incredibly helpful in drawing people to us. @sundilu @lauraritchie

@katebowles I'm going to put that on my CV 'pop up festival of small thoughts ' What an excellent description!!!

:) @sundilu @ShorterPearson

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