While finding and following communities from Twitter, also trying to find and follow those outside those known circles. We shall see how it goes!

@sundilu trying to figure out what i would want from this space. Can we be more intentional about how we use it? Vs Twitter when we didn't really all know what we were doing at first. So far mostly following ppl i know and fascinated by snowball effect. Can we all reach 100 followers in 1 week? I bet! Is our goal to maintain existing networks (for me in case Twitter dies, yes) or create new ones

@mahabali This echoes a bit or adds to something @cogdog talking about earlier, how we are approaching this space with the expectations and experience of Twitter. So yes, there is not the necessarily exciting newness or unknown, but rather, a space to build on something we know.

@sundilu @mahabali @cogdog I think the open-source decentralized aspect is great, as Twitter seems hell bent on ruining its service in order to provide short term returns for shareholders.

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