Twitter this morning left me feeling overwhelmed & aghast.

at society, not the ppl in my feed. because the openly reactionary, racist backlash of the moment - which i get isn't new, but seems newly open at least in my lifetime/location - is a LOT. white ppl meltdowns on constant RT.

but. but. am suspicious that i'm here partly to escape being there. i truly believe there's good work on media literacies to be done here...getting beyond circulating meltdowns as awareness...but still. thoughts?

@bonstewart No real response except that I relate to what you're saying, I feel it. And I feel exhausted by it all. And yet I am here-- so that surprises me, because it feels like hope.

@actualham interesting. i don't want to discount the necessity of hope in different spaces, different media...i think that matters. but even if i'm happier over here trying to build something new, that world is already there. the meltdowns are ON. if i don't bear witness & don't know, how can i address?

not that i know how to address it anyway. but that's what i'm struggling with. is this partly avoidance? a privilege bubble?

@bonstewart @actualham @daniellynds Not completely privileged if it is at least somewhat open? That is why I like it better than Slack, which sometimes seems like a privileged space (depends on who you know) even if people are open to letting anyone in.


@daniellynds @actualham @bonstewart Also think this gets back to what @katebowles has been saying about this space kinda like a DM to discuss things in more depth, in parallel to the meltdowns and steam.

@sundilu @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham i think the extended DM metaphor works for me...and to some extent i like the emphasis on focusing our attention on building better.

but i'm not entirely talking about social media so much as the world. i live in PEI. i could hang out here & (hopefully) literally only meet one Trump supporter a year. i could believe things that are not true about my society. i don't know if that's good. it'd be nicer, but i'm wary of my draw towards shelter, is all.

@bonstewart @katebowles @daniellynds @sundilu @actualham but it is good that you feel. That is a first step. If you were numb to it (whatever the 'it' is, and there could be many) that would be worrying. There are probably cycles. For example post election, my teen daughter needed to cry and remove herself from class before the anger came & disgust & call to constructive action. It was too much. I feel same. -it's unprecedented & I found myself unprepared

@bonstewart @katebowles @daniellynds @sundilu @actualham I'm late to the conversation, but I wanted to say that though I, too, am safe here in Canada and away from some of the awfulness, the awfulness affects lots of people everywhere. And though I am in a pretty privileged position, I want to think it's okay for me to think I too need some shelter. Sometimes. The grief and fear are real, even from my privileged position. Not as deep as for others, for sure. But then I need to back out & work.

@bonstewart @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham Possibly this space is practice and training for digital citizenship as we continue to encourage being in loud, chaotic BUT NEEDED social media spaces?

@sundilu @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham can you explain to me the connection between the two, as you see it? that's where i'm struggling. i like this. i think it matters, even if my contributions are mostly marginal.

but i *feel* like it is also a form of looking away. from the spectacle, which - great - but also from a reality the spectacle has made visible. that's the link i'm missing.

@bonstewart @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham Something about finding ways to slow down & better understand interacting in "public" spaces. I find it hard to explain the jump of trying to make sense of what is happening outside of local spaces. Been wanting to write a post about how yes I like face 2 face convos too, but doesn't mean I should not take part in larger ones. So finding more familiar spaces to then help others feel more confident addressing and not contributing to spectacle?

@sundilu @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham @bonstewart
Reminds me of Mike Caulfield's stream vs garden metaphor; it is hard to cultivate & make sense in the stream- you need to step back & give space to reflect & grow connections. So far Twitter seems to me as a fast flowing river full of rapids, or even the ocean: constant waves, hard to get a foothold, let alone make lasting connections. Mastodon is more like a pond or estuary being fed into... easier to wade in, float a while...

@bonstewart @sundilu @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham To my mind looking away sometimes is necessary. Organising requires a protected space in which to organise; it's impossible to build something in the middle of the storm. We need somewhere that's calm, that's safe - somewhere we can regenerate to enable us to face the storm again.

It's not turning away. It's building strength in order to continue.

(At least, it's working that way for me)

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