I've been inactive for awhile. I have no home feed. Mastodon needs some time to regenerate it for me. Quiet.

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@sundilu Welcome back. I've heard others have encountered the same issue, but that it does come back in time.

@Tdorey Thanks! These quirks are part of why I like this space, so I'm ready to wait...and curious how long to regenerate.

@sundilu @Tdorey Yes, it's pretty quick. And like you, I find myself drawn to here precisely because it's technically a bit flawed. Quirky is exactly right; I sometimes think "artisanal tech". There's a sense of the hands that actually make this thing.

@katebowles @sundilu Agreed. The sense of something(s)? being built by those who inhabit it is what continues to draw me back.

And the idea of many small communities (instances) loosely joined. A feature which I think there is lots of room to explore further :)

@katebowles @Tdorey @sundilu I remember you talking about artisanal tech last year Kate - always loved that concept.

@Autumm @sundilu @katebowles
Forcing myself to think about these things - artisanal tech, ethical design, participatory design- in preparation for Domains conference which I was shocked to see is only 14 days away!

We're planning a discussion on these topics, but cant help but feel folks who come should *do/make* something. Any ideas?

@Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu I'd love to see conversation around different sustainability models for these things.

I'm also thinking about indie edtech which fits nicely with the Domains crowd but is still different than how I understand artisanal tech (or artisanal edtech).

I feel like indie edtech still ends up as a business model for sustainability which is great but I see artisanal as backing away from that part even further to really focus on the quality regardless of profit.

@Autumm Interesting... I think I agree though hadn't thought of it that way. I've be focused on and maybe at the core of that is quailty (of process not output) not ownership. Like taking the time to sketch because it enriches me *regardless* of whether anyone else likes my picture... thinking... @sundilu @katebowles

@Tdorey @sundilu @Autumm This is a really interesting distinction between indie and artisanal. I'm on the verge of contributing to mastodon, whereas I'm a paying client of Reclaim. And to Twitter, I'm the product.

@lauraritchie @Autumm @sundilu @Tdorey Yes, that really is beautiful. I learned so much, just about the boots and the sewing. But also a very new way to think about tech, so good.

@katebowles @Autumm @sundilu @Tdorey Tanya, I still think of your boots blogpost. I love that so much. I love that you were taught. I love that you respect the fabrics you use and the people and the teaching itself. There is honour in that awareness of practice and practice of awareness. I sometimes have that and aspire to it always, but get swept up in busy... Few have received that sort of teaching, and to pass it on is a wonderful gift.

I would gladly learn to make those boots from you.

@lauraritchie @sundilu @Autumm @katebowles

I've been thinking a lot about them lately. I even presented in kamiks at the Domains conference.

Struggling though because beyond my own kids, these things don't feel like they are mine to share. But how else do you amplify voices in circles where they are completely absent?

@Tdorey For me, your voice is always yours to share. Also, part of the art of storytelling is passing on other people's stories. creator, curator, collector, listener, lots of voices and lots of roles.

as for family - we are born into one, but we find another- and though sometimes disparate (both the where and who of the people), they are very real. I grew up with very few 'real' family members, but many unofficial family. :)

@katebowles @Autumm @sundilu

@lauraritchie @sundilu @Autumm @Tdorey This is something I struggle with too, living here. I'm reading a bit about acknowledgement of country practices and that's a way for me to think around the pitfalls of appropriation. Acknowledging is continuous.

@Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu @lauraritchie

I saw Alan's pictures of you holding the boots at and was so excited. Blog post come to life I thought!

I understand that struggle to give voice to others that have influenced you.

Appropriation is real.

Again, I go back to smallness. Personal relationships. Being honest.

Culture is not fixed. We give and take from each other all the time. But to take with hubris is different than taking with love.


Yay! It was a fun one. I'd actually like to do a similar presentation /workshop again...

I like the idea of taking with love (and respect). Thinking that *might* be a way of highlighting how much *we* lose without diversity. Will be paying attention to Maha & Kate's stuff this week as it seems to also somehow all fit together (at least in my mind).

@lauraritchie @sundilu @katebowles

@tdorey @katebowles @Autumm @sundilu This is a really nice read :)
And it inspires me to try to build software tools that can enable social networks to be handcrafted with a realistic amount of effort.

@zatnosk @Tdorey @katebowles @Autumm

It's funny, I've always thought of high quality expensive boots as long lasting and non disposable as compared to cheaper boots that last a year. But they are still made to eventually get thrown away.

Enjoyed reading the post.

Thank you for the kind words though I owe thanks to you and others in the early Mastodon community for helping me remember.

@katebowles @Autumm @sundilu

@katebowles @Tdorey @sundilu Yes, welcome back! It's nice to see names and faces popping in once again. spring flowers

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