While preparing to leave home tomorrow, I listened to news of nearby communities evacuated due to fires. I decided my home shouldn't sit empty while other folks don't have a place to stay.

It only took a minute to call to mind a co-worker with family in the affected area. One text later, her parents became our impromtu house guests for next week.

@Tdorey @katebowles My first thought, reporting of kindness often taken as cheesy. But that is dumb right? And Patty Jenkins talking about Wonder Woman and not being afraid to be cheesy in this way. Although the film not a revolution, that felt good.

Capacity or bandwidth for kindness has to be noticed as well. Sometimes other heavy life things take over. Maybe where forgiveness on the other end is needed.

@katebowles Yes.

Thinking about road behavior, the way (myself included) we sometimes act in ways that we wouldn't if we had to speak to the person afterwards. Screaming at someone getting in your way, going too slow, honking, flipping off. Behavior to strangers similar to what easily happens in web spaces where eye contact does not follow an interaction. But kindness sticks out.

Driving home from a morning in Charlotte, the 77 was backed up due to an accident. The worst cause of traffic, knowing that it could be a very bad day for others. A semi was in the exit only lane, trying to get in. We were all going very slow, I stopped and let the traffic clear in front enough for him/her to get in (it took at least 5 minutes). She/he got in and blinked lights for thanks. Somehow I love that.

Also finally resolved in my own head that mastodon isn't about avoiding politics. CWs aren't about avoiding politics.

Taking care with content is about managing risk to others so that the effort to repair a damaged world doesn't deteriorate into panic, aggression or despair.

CWs seem like a small good step towards respecting that the state of global politics affects us deeply. It's not a sideshow.

@Algot @mattcropp @Tdorey I do have a love for wildflowers. Especially because many look delicate.

Are these the Mastodon rules you mentioned in the chat @Tdorey ? I know a few people expressed they hadn't seen them. mastodon.social/about/more

fyi: @Autumm

@Tdorey @Algot @mattcropp Homemade can be really good, so thinking there could be rootbeer connoisseurs. If you like , do you pull them out?

From : @mattcropp via @Tdorey
"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

@clhendricksbc Is there a way to tell which instances are in your federated timeline? I couldn't find it. Just noticing how you can then see everyone's instance if different from yours, here when tooting. @Autumm @theartguy @TheWayneGibbons@scholar.social @wiobyrne @TheWayneGibbons@mastodon.cloud @ekcragg @Algot @katebowles @mahabali

Twitter lacks the will, means, interest or commercial courage to deal with targeted harassment. This has been obvious for so long but this morning it really hit me that mastodon stands for a counter-ethos quite robustly. So thanks @Gargron, thanks all the new community position holders, thanks community.

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