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Way I look through Mastodon so different than Twitter.

Twitter, looking for usually a single tweet or link to check out, sometimes a convo, but rarely step in unless I feel comfortable.

Mastodon, looking for a toot with lots of mentions to click on and see if it is a convo that I want to catch up on and join.

just submitted version 1.0.1 of my Mastodon app to the Apple App Store for a beta test. Waiting for beta review by Apple.

This very first version has, after a successful login, your timeline and your notifications. You can write a new post. In your timeline, the icons to repost and favourite (should) work.

@daniellynds @actualham @bonstewart Also think this gets back to what @katebowles has been saying about this space kinda like a DM to discuss things in more depth, in parallel to the meltdowns and steam.

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@mahabali @xLontrax @Tdorey @katebowles @sundilu interesting discussion; I'm just interjecting a fact: there's a single developer working on a mastodon app for iOS and Android, can't remember his name though. And I'm personally working on an alternate webapp, with some other design choices than this web interface @Gargron have built :)
DM is a bit hard because the underlying federation protocol doesn't support it, so it would either be local only or a new standard is required.

@sundilu @eniko Personally, I recognize about 7 or 8 people who are trying it out, not necessarily moved, and there's probably more from extended circles around. I'm liking it so far, as early adopters tend to populate a service with what they want to see, but worried about scalability in the long term.

While finding and following communities from Twitter, also trying to find and follow those outside those known circles. We shall see how it goes!

We are in charge of pie and have no flour. @daniellynds has just gone to ask random neighbors we do not know to trade chocolate for flour.

@ShorterPearson @catherinecronin @dkernohan @sleslie @katebowles

*cough cough*
*tap tap*

"When one first tries a new something, one should see exactly how far that thing can go without breaking it, or at least try to reach out to the furthest boundaries, or to what one is accustomed to, unless one is so inclined to finish short of the goal of what is currently being called a toot, which in itself is an odd name given is gastro-relations in English slang. One has let loose of one's first toot."

Where do you toot on Thanksgiving morning? Seems so quiet until you stumble on a group talking in the forest. @daniellynds


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