Ahhh. I Don't know Why i looked. You dumbasses. You Idiots. Why Don't people Understand that Robotics need Power Systems

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When i see Someone has Made A Post about Cool Prostheses and they Didn't say anything Problematic

|\ /| i------- i------i | /\ |
| \ / | |___ | | \ / \ /
| | | |____ |____| \/ \/

Cats Are Great!

trans girls r so pretty god DAMN im lesbian

if any of you say any shit about straight trans people i will destroy you

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hey mastodon can we make the fuzzy worm on a string thing really popular so it infiltrates other social media and becomes a big meme and people start buying them en masse so companies start mass producing them and then a couple months later when it dies down all the stores will have a surplus and we'll be able to buy a lot of worms for very very cheap. like what happened to fidget spinners but with worms. plea

The only Webkinz I ever had was a Monkey i Named Indy after the Monkey in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark and He was Valid

i have Slippery Bitch Disease... you Try and Catch me but i Slide Right Out of Your Hands

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