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there are two kinds of people... those who would yell "YEET" when jumping from a high place and those who would yell "YEEHAW"

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so my grandma sent me a bunch of lip balm because she forgot to give it to me at christmas. it's all kinds of nestle candy flavors. pixy stix. laffy taffy. sweetarts.
...and butterfingers, which I dropped before even opening

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any two things: [exist]
mastodon: ah, the two genders

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things i want to be in order of likelihood:
1. a girl
2. a fucking dragon girl
3. fucking a dragon girl

stealing Petri dishes is cultural appropriation

The problem with Lemon Demon is they're almost all good but the lyrics are all weird. A man who turned himself into an arcade machine. People who deliver pizza anytime, anywhere, anyone. A bunch of creepy stuff that happened when some guy died. Just... *Weird.*

someday im gonna be using slack and hit INSERT on accident with porn in my clipboard and nobody is going to be happy with that
it has NO confirmation when you hit insert. it just pastes the image. when you ctrl-v it asks but insert it doesn't

"Roses are red. Violets are blue. When I listen to AC/DC, My neighbors do, too."
(i don't listen to AC/DC i stole this from youtube comments)

people leave the fediverse because they are used to producing 'content' for 'an audience' instead of 'havin a laugh' with 'an unruly set of goblins' and frankly, i think that is beautiful.

at least they didn't decide he's like, mario's time-travelling grandfather or something

mario: he's mario
luigi: mario's brother
wario: mario's cousin
waluigi: the only tennis partner wario could find on short notice

Meh. I just looked up what I needed online and it turns out Marble Madness (NES) does not hold the answers I seek. Namely, the answer to the question "How do I make enemy marbles that try to knock you off the stage, but play by the same rules as the player?"
Turns out that I remembered wrong and the black marbles don't roll at you, they just kinda wave around at random in an area. isn't responding
uh oh
where am I gonna get my Very Legal Backup Copies Of Games I Definitely Own And Am Not Pirating:tm: now?

I just realized that i'm probably gonna live to see 2050

Think about how many times in a day on the Web you click “I agree” when you really don’t agree just so you can get on with your day and use an everyday thing.

This is not how consent is supposed to work.


Just a regular reminder that "punishable by fine" means "legal for rich people."

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