me: "i bet that making a game like lilith's throne isn't nearly as hard as Innoxia's making it seem, i can totally make something better myself in no time"
[opens godot]

my brain when im hungry or tired or sometimes for no reason at all:

someone make me stop filling my reaction image folders with clips from vine. please.

If your site looks like this im just gonna fuck off and do something else. Fuck's sake.

oh hey they're conveniently ordered in a way where I can catch only the 3 I mentioned and none of the non-vine emoji

there is nothing funnier to me right now than this picture of todd howard i edited badly

someone should set up a Zero Punctuation Out Of Context bot

i just remembered i have this picture of dan saved from that power hour where he went "woah, i'm huffin" and i think it's an emoji on one of my private servers too

yes im still alex because im too lazy to make a skin for myself (i've done it before i'm just too lazy to do it again and the ones i have are Boy Moth)

the guy who runs lospec checked the subreddit and added my palette. i'm happy.

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