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I've often been told "Don't like the things X produces, they're a bad person." (most common are "nazi" and "pedophile") I have questions, though. If everyone stops liking the things they produce, how the fuck are they going to pay bills and buy food? Why should we deny them the ability to receive compensation for their works for something unrelated to the works themselves? And why should I be denied enjoyment of something simply because the creator was a bad person if the works are unaffected?

(the exception is Pageturner, which is absolutely amazing but within the most recent 10 additions)

recent liked playlist songs: all tolerable but not great
old liked playlist songs: either absolutely amazing or absolutely trash

normal brain: deleting and redrafting to fix a mistake
laser brain: posting "i hope nobody notices my mistake" instead of fixing it
galaxy brain: posting "i hope nobody notices my mistake" without having made a mistake

I'm afraid I'm going to get burned out on working on games and stop working for another few months, but I can't find anything else to do. Nothing else seems worth my time, yet sometimes I also can't focus on my games. What's up with that?

🤔 i use 🤔 too much 🤔 don't you think? 🤔 i think so 🤔

with all the witches running around its like, millennial more like generation hex

Motion to declare that NSFW toots shall, in perpetuity, be called "noots".

The problem with multi-person beds is that usually you can't sleep in them nude

NICK FURY: Spider-Man, we've got a new threat and it's heading straight for Washington D.C.

SPIDER-MAN: Who is it this time? Kingpin, Doc Ock?

NICK FURY: No, they call him "The Cheeto", more formally known as "Drumph"

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