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Bodies suck when can I just be a robot

...a girl robot please...

the cis teen chapel? why don't you just call it spencer's gifts like everyone else

I've got a headache but I did it. Enemies steal any item that isn't your currently equipped weapon. It's probably the hackiest code I've ever written but that's because inventories contain 3 kinds of weapons and equipped items aren't in your inventory so I have to iterate over 4 different arrays, then compare the 4 resulting highest values, then use the right function to take that item from the player and give it to the enemy (who then probably erases it like a dumbass but hey not my problem)

looking through someone else's java project
there are so many switch/cases and two-line functions
I can't even find where enchantments on items affect player stats, because there's two types of enchantments and i can't find the kind I want

ok no it just took longer than it took to get over here, write this post, and try opening it again to actually open

ah. the eclipse installer has gone from "you don't have java installed" when I do have java installed to just not opening

there's a crow on my timeline but it wasn't posted or boosted by cayman? what crazy world have I entered

me: ok fine im getting tired of this not working like i want and it's open source. i know java. i'll just install eclipse, add a few lines of code and it'll be great fun
eclipse: java not found

i have like 3 different java installs, for x86 and x64. something tells me this is going to be a harder task than "open it in eclipse and add a few lines of code"

almost posted lewd stuff to my gamedev account because the tabs were in the wrong order 😳

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