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" #Anarchism wouldn't work because most people are naturally selfish"

Then why would you give some people power over others?

"Democracy and meritocracy means only the good people wind up in power"

If groups of people can reliably make good decisions through democracy, why do we need representatives and policymakers?

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Fundraising and the privileged 

Involved in some fundraising atm, which we always try to target at privileged ppl on the left (the kind with plenty of spare income) - I'm sure it's unsurprising that the source of most of this stuff *still* ends up being the least privileged. It's infuriating.

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birdsite, TERFs, nazi 

just signal boosting bc apparently the terfs are stealing nazi tactics again. please use your keys and not your hands to rip down stickers!!!

Burnt hat guy replied. Called me a liberal. Fucker's claimed for that.

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Violence / Reddit / Anarcho-capitalism 

Possibly my favourite ever post on the Internet. The time an Anarchist capitalist went to Greece and got beat up

My most popular tweet in ages is a reply to someone suggesting he should have kept his nike hat on when burning it. 100 likes. Maybe the liberals thought I was joking...

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Labour / Electoralism 

I never* tire of righteous indigination of "communists" in the anti-communist Labour Party at being repeatedly told by other members that communists shouldn't be welcome

*I do, I'm very tired.

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If you don't say "boop" when you boop your pet's nose you're a cop


Friend's cats queuing politely for her dinner.

Catching up with Sarah Kendall on R4. I really recommend it if you want laughs but also some powerful writing. Might just be my current state but the onion fairy visited.


Tooting this again cos it gives me good feels and good feels aren't to be sniffed at

mental health 

What I have realised is I haven't processed the attack. This latest relapse in my mh started shortly after he was allowed to move back in opposite me. While it is by far not the only factor contributing to my current poor mh, I think it's too much of a coincidence not to be considered as a trigger.

mental health/meds 

Soooo, still not feeling very brilliant but intrusive thoughts seem to be fading, which is nice. As much as I dislike my neighbour for kicking my door in and attacking me, constantly visualising a revenge attack with a more permanent outcome is somewhat troubling. Also thoughts of self harm/suicide. Thank science for zopiclone.

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