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okay we had our fun yesterday but let's be honest, all of us have private parts that resemble video game characters. mine is solid snake 

old as hell and only springs into action when there's giant robots involved

I will not rest until optimus prime has big bouncy naturals

[me every time hasbro manages to lure me away from third party transformers]

wow this new mold's pretty good

only a few things keeping it from greatness but i'm sure i can fix that with a few aftermarket mods

i wonder why i even bother with the much more expensive third party stuff

[me after $150 worth of aftermarket upgrades and decals]

oh, right

captain marvel: *punches nice old lady in first official trailer*

me today: whoa i guess the old lady is secretly an alien or something

me in 2019: whoa i guess captain marvel really just loves punching old people for no reason whatsoever

@ultramagnus love the domain name, would definitely sign up if the moderation policies are sensible

...and so when Hotrod finally opens the Autobot Matrix of Leadership it doesn’t just turn him into Rodimus Prime, it simply reveals the potential that was in him the whole time.

Anyways, a toast to the groom!

guess who recreated the scramble city logo from scratch because he couldn't find a high res enough copy online

1) What is a gift horse
2) Why would I look at its mouth
3) Does the horse bring the gifts or does the horse make the gifts
4) If the horse makes the gifts is this a golden goose situation or a minotaur situation
5) If its a golden goose situation, does the horse lay the eggs or barf them up
6) If its a min-

[I am shot in the face 89 times in a row and thrown down a well]

while many scholars have stated that the 2009 feature film 'revenge of the fallen' by cinematic auteur michael bay marks the first time a transformer is seen sporting testicles, that distinction must in fact go to the seminal 1999 animated series 'beast wars neo' by japanese director osamu sekita, which featured a tanuki-based transformer with clearly visible (though proportionally small) testes. in this dissertation, i will

Just want to kiss a robot who can turn into a car and drive for me, apparently that's too much to ask!

@Excuse_haver i know this one too but i believe i'll give someone else a shot 🤔

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