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So bye, bye, miss American Wife
Took his house and then the kids and made him say goodbye
And them good old boys started posting online
Saying "Never marry an American wife"
"Never marry an American wife"

saying mommy and bursting into tears whenever a woman is nice to me

jumping through 5 hoops with a triple backflip to avoid having to apologize

hey whats up baby. oh not much im just taking a dump right now. anyway what you wearing

yeah ok. who is the person pretending not to be white to escape criticism

you either log off a hero, or stay logged on long enough to see yourself be cancelled

sel on the web? isnt that what amazon does?

if you cancel me i shall gain more clout than you could possibly imagine

why do fashion brands think i want to cover myself in animal prints. i've seen animals, they look like shit

callout post to all rats, mice, shrews, voles etc 

Mastodon feature request: get a slap on your ass for every boost

*Slaps the roof of my TL* this bad boy can fit so many pellets guy posts in it

100 bees 

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