deleted my other social media but mastodon remains

sir mix-a-lot had the right idea. make some dope tunes, get knighted

“you ever seen a bucket full of rats?”
buddy, i’m posting on one!

well in my spare time i like to ball out on the internet

through the power of mastodon you can communicate with individuals with nearly as much brain damage as you

less of an echo chamber more of an art deco chamber

the us government doesn’t want you to know about mastodon. they’re afraid of it!

the power of mastodon is that thousands of toots are created every minute, and every single one of them is bad. little insider secret for you

you can use mastodon to tell people anything through the power of the internet! for some of you this is too much responsibility

never forget that which is most important in life: getting a load of those gams!

me? credentials? why, i’m just a cuddly wuddly little beary weary

it’s not called shitposting, it’s called tooting. it’s very different.

I need nought but a single OUNCE of coochie. please miss

invest in mastodon. think of the five’s of people that could see your content

what’s popping on this app these days. tops and bottoms? what ever happened to old fashioned whimsy

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