i just got banned from berries bc “ouma is a nazi” please actually play v3

where did all the kinnies go. kinnies? y’all still there? hello?

hello i’m back on this app no one missed me but alas i am here anyway

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i’m so gay and obnoxious and those are my only personality traits. that’s how i’m described in persona “Gay and Obnoxious Child”

i forgot abt this app do people still use this

christmas is in 4 days and i just don’t fucking care. i just don’t fuckig ca

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i better not see any genders when i get back here!! i want this place SPOTLESS!

is anyone actually excited for christmas bc i’m not

i abandoned this app for like 2 days sorry gang

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v slur again sry 

v slur 

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Nico runs Sasukes account for clout sasuke isn’t fucking real guys sasuke isn’t fu

i’ve dealt with a lot of surreal things being super controversial on instagram but i just went up to my biggest hate account and said “hey, can we have a civil conversation” and got them to delete the account in like, 30 minutes. absolutely fucking insane.

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Imagine excluding people from the trans community just because they don’t fit into ur guidelines 😂


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