Vidya Subramaniam writes in The Hindu Centre about what the Muslims feel today:
”We are Indians first and last. This is our land as much as it is anybody else's. You can intimidate us, deny us justice but we will keep fighting. There is a strange sense of confidence we have in this country. There is a lot of anger but there is also assertion, a pride in our identities. I'm Muslim, I'm also Indian."

Unbelievably stupid and criminal of the police (and state govt) to do so, but then only to be expected.

10,000 people charged with sedition in one district means the State accepts that it has lost its legitimacy to rule.

Also, in a functional democracy, the courts would take suo motu cognisance of this, restore peoples rights, and the State's sanity.

This is possibly the largest number of people booked for sedition at one time in one district anywhere in India.

How did this slip below the radar?

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@AarefaJohari spoke to Muslim voters in Mumbai and found that most of them were happy to accept the unlikely alliance between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress as long as it kept the BJP out of power in the state.

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Shun the hagiography, here's a balanced assessment that doesn't whitewash bias & authoritarian tendencies displayed by ex CEC #TNSeshan, while also giving credit where credit is due - @jaffrelotc in the book edited by @DrSYQuraishi

“Could it have declared that neither Muslim nor Hindu litigants had established their title to the disputed site and let the government decide on the fate of the disputed site?”

on making the sea part for all

SC verdict not based on rejecting “adverse possession” claimed by Muslims,

Instead based on willingness to consider “exclusive possession” by Hindus of just one part of disputed site as valid grounds for title award over entire site

"I think the hardest thing for anyone is accepting that other people are real as you are. That’s it. Not using them as tools not using them as examples or things to make yourself feel better or things to get over or under."

My piece:

SC is clear that Hindutva mobs were responsible for two completely illegal acts involving the Ayodhya site.

Yet it is these illegal acts that help the 'Hindu side' win the case.

If Muslims had been less tolerant at the site, would they have won?

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