This is possibly the largest number of people booked for sedition at one time in one district anywhere in India.

How did this slip below the radar?

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Unbelievably stupid and criminal of the police (and state govt) to do so, but then only to be expected.

10,000 people charged with sedition in one district means the State accepts that it has lost its legitimacy to rule.

Also, in a functional democracy, the courts would take suo motu cognisance of this, restore peoples rights, and the State's sanity.

Yes! of course, how could I forget Kudankulam... They even got naval planes to fly low over the protesters to terrorise them

@anivar @AnyCat

Yes, that number was just a shade lower. In this case, the actual number could be higher. Many say 15,000, but I could only confirm 10,000 based on the 19 FIRs I accessed.

This is a fascinating, and heartbreaking, story. Should dig up the source.... Would it be in the subaltern studies volumes?

@anivar @AnyCat wow, so much of people’s history cannot be found in the archives. Can only be retrieved from oral histories.

@kaarT00S @AnyCat @supriya yes, the Indian state should just watch while leftist goons in disguise of being 'students' ransack public property and create chaos...

@kaarT00S @AnyCat @supriya leftist is one who is completely convinced that he/she (ohh sorry.. gender is a social construct) has the solution to all issues and is always right and hence need not be questioned and hence all of you have created your accounts here to have your small eco chambers where no one can counter you like in Twitter, so that you can go on living in your lala land ..

@ravsd84 @AnyCat @supriya Then you know zilch. And if you feel we have come here so that nobody can "counter us", be aware that we are still whipping your filthy sanghi ass on the , loser!

@kaarT00S @AnyCat @supriya yes indeed...that's why you all ran here with your little tails between your red bums..

@AnyCat @supriya Are the words functional and democracy even relevant these days?!

@supriya as long SC forgets or fears to do its job more aggression on freedom and justice will happen as we are ruled by a fascist regime

@supriya I'd venture a guess it's the largest number of people charged with sedition at one time ever, in any country.

@supriya अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा टके सेर भाजी टके सेर खाजा जनता का बज गया बाजा

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