Since the Tor directory authorities are no longer removing such relay groups and I feel bad about sitting on this list without doing anything with it I'm posting it here for your information.

This is a set of over 600 Tor relays that got added since 2020-01-29 on a limited set of hosters (primarily at Microsoft).
They have some similarities in their sign-up pattern and properties.

total guard probability: 3.6%
total middle probability: 10.1%
(no exit relays)

There's a free open source app for @pixelfed under development called PixelDroid. You can follow it here:


Developers can help the project at:

Translators can help at:

(In case you're unfamiliar with it, PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, you can find out more at

#PixelDroid #PixelFed #Fediverse #Android #Instagram #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious

Currently disabling accounts of / notifying about 1,000 people who were re-using passwords and whose accounts were compromised by spammers

Please don't reuse passwords between different accounts and please use 2FA whenever it's available (not that people who need this advice the most are going to see it anyway)

While everybody is talking about , US Congress was sneaking a bill through aimed at destroying end-to-end encryption.

Want to help grow the torproject network by adding relays? This guide will help you get going:
(joined blog post with flexlibris)

If you need help the tor-relays mailing list is happy to answer your questions

We need a new logo for #P2play if you now about design or you know any please tell about this project (we can pay for the job). Tell me your proposal.

We have set up an Amazon Wish List. If you would like to donate purchased hardware directly purchased from Amazon, please visit:

Facebook had a literal best practice internally referred to as "friendly fraud", when children bought in game items without their parents' knowledge. Facebook encouraged the practice of deceptive UIs and refused refunds to parents.

This entire culture was a huge part of why I stopped working on Facebook games in 2010 (before that market crashed). My stomach hurt when I thought of the dozens of people paying $1000s/month on the fake zoo animals in our games.

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