Here's a failed drawing of Glacier Peak, and some studies I did afterward to look for a brush stroke more evocative of evergreens, and one where I kinda got it right. Now to fix the composition and tone. (my lived experience of the mountains is that everything is 100% saturated all the time, but I don't think that works as a painting approach) A lot of drawing feels like completely failing all the time, which typically doesn't get posted.

The first multiday backpacking trip I ever went on was 20 miles of coast in the olympic national park. It's still one of my favorites. If you go, chances are, you'll see a lot of moody sunsets, not to say rain.

7" x 7", watercolor on paper

Is pink and blue still cool? Or maybe outrun? Everyone likes a liminal space, and the shore at dawn is like "I heard you liked liminal spaces, so we put some liminal colors in your liminal time in your liminal space, so now you can be between two things while you are between two things. Also there are pelicans."

I reworked the previous drawing. The clouds were too annoying. Now they are still loose and abstract, but at least the clouds at the top read as closer than the clouds near the horizon. It's all a little more stormy.

View of Playa Majahua

Basically, I'm working on seascapes right now. A few days ago I noticed that I don't know how to draw them, so...

I should do a series of bad advice for artists. It'd be things like "always draw what you don't know how to draw," "avoid right angles," "color isn't important," and "representational art is for liars." Probably it would need to be a video series...

A dog named Tilly (chihuahua/wire haired terrier cross) . A lake south of Forester Pass in the High Sierra. A field near Troncones, GRO, Mexico.

All watercolor on paper.

I really wish I could figure out how to let my landscapes get as loose as the dog portrait. (I mean, I'm going to keep at it...)

I've been going on dawn walks down to the local river mouth lagoon. Everything is violet and orange. (And green, but that's not the notable color at that hour.)

May 14, 2021. I decide to go up Baden Powell because it's part of the PCT, even if it's a dead end this year. This 1500 year old tree, improbably named Wally is near the top.

PCT, May 8, 2021. I'm north of Big Bear. It's hot and dry and I wonder what I'm doing in a place like this. There is a stump that interests me enough to take a picture, and then try to paint it. Twice.

Messing about with iridescent copper watercolor. The trouble with special effects like this is that they don't show up in still photos, but the vase here is shiny.

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