These are the sketchbooks and paint I'll be bringing on the trail.

Stillman & Birn Alpha cut in half to 4.25" X 5.5", 4 oz, for watercolor sketches.

Midori Traveler 013 refill, cut in half, 128 pages, 1.5 oz, good for pen and pencil.

Art Toolkit pocket pallette ~2 oz, shown here in a minimal configuration with tiny pans, but it'll be full on the trip.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil folding bucket. This is one of two things I'll be bringing on the PCT that I've never brought backpacking before. I don't see a bucket on a lot of gear lists, but IIRC Ray Jardine recommends carrying a soft plastic one in his book Trail Life, so I figure it's worth a try at 1oz.

Last year I was planning on taking a Gerber LST ultralight knife on the PCT, which is a great little .6 oz knife with a locking blade. Unfortunately it's black, which means it vanishes when I drop it, which I do all the time. So I swapped it out for the Swiss Army classic in translucent red, .75 oz. Bonus points for being unintimidating.

More pct gear 2021 drawings. Anker nano charger and Nitecore NB10000, which adds half an ounce but gives +3300 mAh over last year's setup, and charges in 2-3 hours, which is way faster.

On the PCT, everyone only has one spoon. Yeah, and that's your spoon for the entire trail, right? And if you lose it, you starve to death, unless someone in your family wills you their spoon. And there are spoon millionaires. On the PCT, right?

I'll be making an attempt to thruhike PCT starting in April of 2021. I'm vaccinated, and I'll be masked up and social distancing as needed, of course.

215. A friend just moved. Did a tiny sketch of their new place.

214. City study. Gouache and watercolor. 3"x9". You can see the work in progress version in my last post.

Lately, I've been struggling to work out how to draw cities, or how to make "city-like" marks. Eventually, I settled on kind of starting with the vegetation.

211. MGB front muffler, and clamp. Tomorrow I should continue the theme of drawings of boring car parts and draw the manifold, but I would need to take it off the car, and that isn't happening so you are all spared. Ink and watercolor.

210. Rear muffler. Watercolor & ink. I drive what certain of my friends might call a "lame guy car," which in this case means an MGB always in some state of disrepair. The exhaust line started to have issues a few years ago, and after the muffler came apart on the drive home from a trail last month, it finally became time to replace the jury-rigged mess down there with new parts and a proper repair.

198-200 Three small sky studies. 1.5" by 8.5". Drawing clouds while listening to Cloudbursting, by Kate Bush.

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