165. Some sketching at Double Bluff beach today. Going to force myself to learn how to watercolor on walks and hikes.

162. Maybe it's too many fairy tales as a kid, or too much Neverending Story, but whenever I hike alone, I always get the pleasantly eerie sensation that the moss-covered rocks are really sleeping giants.

161. Possession Point State Park. Also, something different: my first ever plein air watercolor. I find it surprisingly difficult to stop and paint. There're all these fiddly bits and sunshine, and it's hard not to feel self conscious when people walk past. Then I spill paint on the beach, and I worry that someone will take my picture and suddenly, inexplicably, everyone cares about beach paint spills and I'm forever shamed as that guy who is ruining our parks.

157. Always carry an umbrella. The pink umbrella had its iconic moment weeks ago, and this has sat unfinished since then.

154. Needlefish skull. Needlefish are real things that exist, and sometimes they leap out of the ocean and stab people in boats to death because it's too much of a hassle to go around. Yikes!

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