I just want to tell you, good luck. We're all counting on you.

Finding housing, including roommate arrangements in NYC is absolutely crushing me! I'm almost at the limit of my credit that I've been using to book AirBnB's, and I may soon be literally homeless, while toting my beloved black cat along for the adventure. Does anyone have a room/couch to spare?! I'm nearly at the end of my rope, after living out of a backpack since early August. Can anyone PLEASE HELP? I'm a middle-aged, world-wise, career computer geek, and can get along with any and everyone!

US politics and games 

Here's an angry email I sent a PR person this morning. I'm posting it here because it's something apparently lots and lots of PR people need to read.

My father is *obsessed* with patterns. When I was tiling my bathroom, I spent a lot of time placing the tiles in such a way that there was no discernable pattern. When he visited for Christmas, he promptly visited the bathroom. 10 minutes went by, and he came out with a look on his face I will always treasure. "Your bathroom tiles… are completely random, I looked, and looked and there's no patterns - ots maddening!"

Funny joke: We're gonna eat all the fish before we retire and have to talk to our children about fish like our parents talk about Dinty Moore and Chicken a la King.

Accidentally sleeping in my contacts is the only way I can experience the feeling of A) waking up with 20/20 vision, and B) having a llama spit into my eyeballs as I sleep.

Wanted to do this based on a conversation with @justelise earlier.

It's kind of fun to try and represent how my mind interprets the world. There's a lot of feeling that goes with this which I haven't been able to represent, and sound is difficult to represent visually as well.

This is me at rest, in a group of people I'm relatively comfortable with. So just, right now.


Leaving the Petfinder alert for "young/adult/large/extra large/long hair" on was a really great idea, please meet Seamus

everyone on this website is a cutie but especially 


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