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If someone would have told me a few months ago that I would write something like this I would call them totally crazy. But I really got used to with all the integration with calendar, contacts, tasks, ,... Great email client, though a UI refresh to be more -ish would be awesome.

It is finally done: The Oracle (package “jdk”) has been removed from .

I decided to postpone some tasks and release 2.0 sooner than later.

Does anyone want to test? ;)


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There seems to be a difference between a software developer and a programmer …

An important bug in causing high CPU usage has been fixed with version 1.3.5!


Both packages “nitrokey-app” and “libnitrokey” are now in [extra], so I removed them from .

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OpenJDK11 packages finally landed in [extra] as “jdk-openjdk” and “jre-openjdk”. So following the Arch Linux convention to have a package without version for the latest one.

There has been a lot of drum related content at this year. I am excited to create my own drumkit with . Though I am not sure if the quality will be good enough to share it …

Would anyone be interested in the drumkit?

I thought about removing the “jdk” package from but since OpenJDK 11 is still not in the official repos I updated it to version 11 instead.

@unfa Why do you want to produce t-shirts? That is a waste of resources, there are so many clothes already … 😢

sounds like an interesting idea. But why has the landing page of solid.inrupt.com 36 HTML warnings/errors?

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