I can't believe in what you say
Because I see what you do
---James Baldwin

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“The Ayodhya verdict will of course be read in the political context alone. Once you read the judgment in the present context, you will know the Supreme Court has failed to uphold liberty. This would mean that the lesson emanating from all this (Ayodhya Judgment) is that the present Supreme Court is part of an illiberal state. This is a dangerous trend for democracy.” - Kaleeswaram Raj, Sr SC Lawyer.

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500 yr old Mosque but no adverse possession
Demolition of Mosque illegal but muslims to vacate land
ASI has said there was some structure but not certified temple but Ram was born there

Folks visit Taj Mahal and take your children while it is there

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Long reading of judgment reminds me of what a litigant said, clients are interested in orders, not the judgment

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The abrogation of Article 370 has backfired horribly.

In seeking to spite the Kashmiris, the Narendra Modi government has succeeded only in harming India.

Ramachandra Guha's piece from The Telegraph


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Pakistan caused Pollution.

Waiting for BJP to claim next that Modi's demonetization dementia was actually Pakistan's idea.

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Partial list of layoffs in 2019:

Infosys: 12,250
Cognizant: 12,000
Capgemini: 500
HSBC: 200
Deutsche Bank: 1,000
Maruti Suzuki: 3,000
ShopClues: 200
Urban Ladder: 90
Mahindra & Mahindra: 1,500
IBM: 300
Oracle: 100
Samsung: 1,000
Telecom sector: 1,00,000

🐦🔗: twitter.com/i_theindian/status

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As long as I remain suspended on the bird site, you are authorised to plagiarise my toots here to tweet there. You may give me credit if you so feel like, but that's optional

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This blog "Decipher the Demonetisation" was well received by you all around 1.8 lakh views.

Though I don't know anything about economists, my experience in resources management helped me to make prognosis which proved to be correct now!


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My Mother went into hospital 6 weeks after demonic demonetisation. She died in January 2017. We saw the suffering in hospital, as people scrambled for money. You stood in line for your own money or you nursed your Mother. We had to borrow cash for her funeral. No cremation ground in Dehradun is digitalised! (I add this because I was severely trolled on Twitter for mentioning this). I can never forgive nor forget Narendra Modi's assualt on India. 1/2

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Lovely and fitting tribute to Nabaneeta Deb Sen, someone whose talents, charm and creativity embodied the best of being Indian


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