I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

This sonic approach, manipulating the primary forms of electronic sounds, has resulted in a complex and delicate ecosystem, characterized by an abstract style that relentlessly flirts between science and poetry.

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Bruma's work has been focused on sonic research and innovative language in computer music; it has led to the development of his own composition software.
The method adopted here allowed him to consider the time factor outside the boundary of "step/tempo" in the written sequence, for a musical landscape of "liberated" forms and movements.

When I started University I believed a lot in will power and other stuff. Now I believe that willpower is very limited and one of the most effective trick is to change the environment around you.

How i solved my little addiction to youtube 

I had a time few months ago, when I lost too much time with Youtube, I uninstalled the app and now I use and as website and now I have a better relationship with the platform.
The addictive part was scrolling the recommended feed with no good reason and being able to search other videos with the resized window playing the video.
Now it's a period that I am less stressed and changing apps I was able to overcome those bad habits.

Ma su lo state aspettando il nuovo disco dei ?
Io non vedo l'ora. Probabilmente vado pure a Bologna per la presentazione del disco al Krakatoa festival

Any EU citizen on my timeline that emigrated to Switzerland? I'm wondering how hard is to find a job and live there for a foreigner.

I've made a deliberate choice against a quoting feature because it inevitably adds toxicity to people's behaviours. You are tempted to quote when you should be replying, and so you speak at your audience instead of with the person you are talking to. It becomes performative. Even when doing it for "good" like ridiculing awful comments, you are giving awful comments more eyeballs that way. No quote toots. Thank's

Veleno è un podcast super bello, forse uno dei migliori che sono stati fatti in Italiano

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