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Samuele (surveyor3)

Tired: Digital Native
Wired: Digital Naive


I want also to add that online life make easier to offend people because you often talk with people whose story you don't really know.

I am writing this because on my toot stream I see a lot of recommendation to be sensitive, kind, not talk about this or that because is annoying or this one could get offended.

Isn't all this attention to the other exaggerated sometimes? Do I need always to make attention to not offend others? I personally think not and that often are people responsible to not be offended or annoyed by everything. Just children are offended by everything. Just my opinion, if you think I am wrong write kindly, cause I could get offended 😉

I waited too many years to see without title bars on

Why videocall apps generally sucks?

Me and my friend spent a lot of time figuring out why a converted in with wasn't installing. It turned out that we had just to download it again and converted again.
I am frankly disappointed :blobugh:

18.04 seem a great release. Also the theme is much more polished!

make the shell much more pleasant to use.

Internet, 2002; claiming that you're over 18 so that websites will let you in.

Internet, 2018: claiming that you're under 16 and in the EU so that websites cannot track your data