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Samuele (surveyor3)

Taking a course was one of the best decision I have made this year.
Come rapire Martina, 5 anni, ai giardinetti...
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Lately I am finding very slow. And my laptop should not be slow. Am I the only one? Animations especially seem slow.

Did you know you can your and instead of buying new cartridges you can just refill it and actually save a lot of money?
This is one of the many video tutorial you can find

relaxing and the big sea help to see things in a better perspective

The Mastodon bridge tool can be used to find Twitter friends in the Mastodon network

Google, Doodle, Gmail, Skype...
Découvrez des alternatives libres et gratuites à ces services dans cette liste proposée par Framasoft
#GAFAM #Google #LogicielLibre

Politica e sul mettere d'accordo tutti