I think software dev would profit immensely from design, art, architecture oh look many of those words are already used to describe good code... anyhow. I'm certain understanding Bauhaus, Rams or principles of japanese aesthetics or swiss design improves code.

@sushee instead of reading the Gang of Four books on Design Patterns, i actually read the series of A Pattern Language, and not only has it helped me to see buildings and cities with entirely new eyes, it's also helped me with software design, community management!

@hirojin I really liked the book!!! :) Gabriel's "Patterns of Software" references much more of it than GoF ever did.

@sushee reading this review and loving how furious this person is that Gabriel dared to write what he wrote

anyway, i really enjoyed Christopher Alexander's books, and unlike Gabriel's, that have zero lines of code, Alexander devotes two books, one with over 200 examples of pattern languages, and one that focuses on one specific building complex 😜

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