my corona test was lost in translation and works only for underclasswoman. ;)

every morning btw. she does that every morning when our alarm goes off she does a short announcement meow, starts purring and positions herself for perfect snuggles. (I get the her-chin-in-my-hand position ;)

professional snuggler wedged between her cushion and O., parked herself perfectly for scratches between shoulder blades. :) also: warmth from three sides. ;)

we sleep surrounded by books up to the ceiling (3.60m) :) (my side - O.'s side :)

I'm nothing but a lump of human to lean on for cleaning... :)

oliebollen/krapfen or, as I like to call them: oilieboilies :)

first batch of (greek cultures) of joghurt - nicely firm! (possibly still too mild for my taste but it did work :)

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