joke freshly found on the internet for all my followers with a (ph)d: "but would your thesis defend YOU?" :)

looking at the weather report for on friday and I have my 2nd vaccination appointment at 3 in the afternoon when it can't possibly be any hotter yay

looking at my todolist it's full of problems to fix, code to make clean, complicated things to explain, tutorials & guides to write, bugs to hunt, tech to migrate, concepts & tools/libs to evaluate, tests & benchmarks to run and some bleeding edge stuff to try.. I love my job :)

often reading some linux distribution improvement thing and almost always think why is this not really targeted to me as software developer and where is the integration with modern dev stacks/cicd/deployment etc..

new t-shirt print for ops/sre: "soylent green is yaml"

I'm always torn between amusement and horror when I see or even participate in real big tech put up or migrated within three days and at work it suddenly takes 3 years and isn't even better or cleaner...

so. are we now bringing back usenet and blogs?

(I'm actually on IRC since before I started using this WWW thing and was still exploring Gopher and you could telnet on almost everybody's machine and Linux was new... :)

moved myself over to @liberachat - like the last 20 years (omg) you can reach me as Su-Shee ;)

one of those days where I think 2 golden retrievers and 4 cats are the bare minimum...

my favorite thing with infrastructure as code is that you safely get rid of your accidental, manual configuration drift and replace it with fully automated, platform agnostic intentional configuration drift.

I want blogs and feedreaders back and not locked down websites where I can actually follow my favorite subjects. :(

days I HAVEN'T said something political at work: 0. today I talked about feminist meeting communication strategies and then about the avoidance of plastic garbage. (but only shortly, ok. ;)

after "choose boring software" it seems to be time to choose boring companies... I used to be slightly envious until I realized how much the awesomeness pendulum can swing back and how much it had a cultish flavour to me coming from a thoroughly non-anglosaxon work culture...

as a self-tought engineer I'm to this day always incredibly happy when I read a job ad of a company doing cool stuff and think "they wrote that for me, I'm 100% qualified" :)

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