Back in the beginning of Birdsite, most of my interactions with people fell into two categories: 1. How does this thing work, and how should it work? 2. Small talk. So Mastodon is really taking me back. And I like it. I've enough on my plate right now, so I've made a conscious decision not to replicate recent Birdsite behaviours here. So small talk it is.

You'll be happy to know I'm having waffles and maple syrup for brekkie.

@suw i'm trying to pack, for 2 seasons and some mountains. I *think* i've achieved it

@suw nowhere fun..just work in Germany for a few weeks, but got a long weekend in mountains as well

@rachelc Ah, long weekend sounds good!! As does Germany. We are tidying up the house as we have guests tomorrow. Thrillingly exciting day!!

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