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Bad news for the European branches of the decentralized web. Not only did and the pass EU Parliament, the Commission introduced new anti-terrorist proposals that would need you to be available 24/7 to police your network for "terrorist content".

It's time to make your voice heard in Brussels. Start with subscribing and following -- the reps for digital rights groups in the EU.

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The longer you spend online, the greater the pile of things you miss that got fucked up by take-overs becomes..., RSS and Posterous being the top three. Also I got a handful of actual blog comments this week, rather than FB discussions about the post. That reminded me of those heady days when blog comments were where the action was. I miss that too... :(

@fraying Fortnight. Seriously, every American should adopt the word fortnight.

@fraying I'm so sorry for your loss. Little bunbun brought joy to us all for the short time she was with us.

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Move at a reasonable speed and leave things better than you found them.

@fraying How old will she be when she weans? I don't know much about rabbit husbandry!

Been here less than two weeks, already blocked two mansplainy arrogant asshats who have no idea what they're talking about, but have the confidence of 100 mediocre white men.

Honestly, fuck mastodon. I'm literally going to be here to be in touch with a very tiny number of people I care about. Everyone else can fuck off.

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EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

@fraying Awwwww! Head a splode with cute! That's just tooooo adorable! Wish I could pop round and help feed her!

@fraying Send help... in the form of more bunnies?

@itmerc @fraying @tsturm I've had this conversation so many times over the years, and it's really gotten boring. We need neither nostalgia for olden times nor technical expertise, but actual community management experts. I haven't seen any evidence mastodon has those, or cares about getting any. And because of that, it will ultimately go the same way as all other social networks.

@fraying I am so glad to hear that Tiny Bunny is doing so well!! Baby bunnies are so adorable. I'd have a pet bunny if I didn't prize my TV/computer cables so highly.

@itmerc @fraying @tsturm You're confusing "nothing can be done" with "nothing is being done".

@itmerc @tsturm @fraying No, nothing to stop WilW moving to another instance... except the pain and hurt he's already experienced which has put him off being involved in Mastodon at all. The horse had bolted once the harassment started. You can't just ask people to keep moving on from instance to instance because you can't deal with bullies.

@fraying How is the tiny bunny doing? (Other than 'exceedingly cutely'?)

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One of the symptoms of depression is not being able to tell the big problems from the little problems.

Wanna do some good? Form a brigade and go after Alex Jones or Mike Cernovich or Richard Spencer. Punch a nazi. They're not hard to find.

Wilw didn't deserve this. No matter how you feel about him, this was unfair. And we should learn from it because it will happen again.

We have to be able to tell the big problems from the little problems.

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@dredmorbius @tsturm @fraying And yet, you sill have no clue what you're talking about.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Mastodon is as full of mansplainy twats who are overconfident in their own opinion as everywhere else.

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