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In olden times, when people tended to spend their whole lives in one small area, people didn't know yet that birds migrated south for the winter. So they came up with a lot of ideas. Swallows lived under the sea for half the year. Other birds moved to the moon during that time. But my personal favorite was the claim that geese died off every year, and then grew again on trees in the spring.

Gerald of Wales even claimed to have seen this himself, bc the 1100's were good times for shitposting.

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My friend @snugglepilot wrote up this good piece about the carbon footprint of flight. And puppies.

I’m sorry, puppies. :(

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I don't have time for another project or hobby, but holy shit do I want to make this:

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@suw meanwhile, a subtoot is clearly a new euphemism for a quiet fart.

Is there a word for when you want to toot about a tweet without linking to it? Is it a subtwoot?

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Content warning: the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Momentarily got my Mastodons mixed up. If you're on more than one, do you have a herd?

I am reminded, yet again because the lesson doesn't seem to sink in permanently, that the process of creating art is more important than that moment of having finished. Which makes me feel much better about my writing process, which can be mostly described as long, laborious, and with no end in sight.

One of the things I'm loving about mastodon is how quiet it is. I don't feel like I need to check it constantly.

I just totally nailed this whole adulting thing. Cooked a very well received roast chicken, nut roast, and roast veg for 4 adults and 3 children. AND our lounge, dining room and kitchen were spotless. (So long as you don't look too closely.) Having got rid of all the moving boxes from one floor of the house is just a wonderful feeling. Just two more floors to go. (Let's not mention the basement.)

Me at 1pm: "We'll just nip out and get a few things."

Me at 5:30pm: "Arrrrrrgh"

I hate how shopping in bricks and mortar shops takes forever.

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Fine-grained access controls would be a great addition to the federated social web. If you could create personal friends lists and restrict posts to only be accessible to those, people could post in a safer way and have deeper conversations. Federated public groups would also allow thematic discussion and could be an entire social universe in themselves. Lots of possibilities here.

So, I have ended up on two instances of Mastodon and have, for no real reason, decided not to cross the streams. We'll see what happens.

So, in the spirit of my last... and I still find it hard to type the word 'toot'.... What are your recommendations for washing cat pee off a house? We've a local tom who has decided that nuestra casa es su casa. And the smell really lingers.

Back in the beginning of Birdsite, most of my interactions with people fell into two categories: 1. How does this thing work, and how should it work? 2. Small talk. So Mastodon is really taking me back. And I like it. I've enough on my plate right now, so I've made a conscious decision not to replicate recent Birdsite behaviours here. So small talk it is.

You'll be happy to know I'm having waffles and maple syrup for brekkie.

Right. Done for the day. Off to Playhouse Square for dinner and and a movie at the Connor Theatre - The Fugitive, which I've only ever seen once, and on TV.

Hi @phildini, could I possibly get an invite? @baldur suggested was good for creative types, which I am!

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